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Before going to the White Cap's game, limmerZ and I decided to hit up Earls for dinner since the food at BC Place is always over priced. At first we were walking around downtown looking for a place to eat and then we decided to try the Earls in Downtown. We took the skytrain to Downtown so I don't know how parking is around that area, but usually Downtown parking is expensive so I recommend taking transit rather than driving. The interior of the place is very spacious and they had TONS of TV's everywhere. The style of the restaurant is similar to Milestone or Joey's. 

limmerZ ordered the Bronx Burger with a caesar salad on the side. ($15.75) It has onion rings in the burger and it was HUGE! It reminds me of the burger limmerZ had at the Hub. He definitely enjoyed this burger a lot. I asked him which one is better, this one or the burger at the Hub, but he couldn't choose between the two. So I'm guessing they're both too good to compare. 

I ordered the Naples Margherita pizza. ($13.00) It contains fresh mozzarella, parmesan, San Marzano tomato sauce, basil and extra virgin olive oil on hand tossed thin crust. It was super delicious and I thought it was worth the $13.00. Also it was a good amount and I almost finished the whole thing.

I thought service was excellent. We were trying to rush through our food because we were trying to get to BC Place on time. The food arrived pretty fast and the waitress always stopped by and asked us how we were doing and seeing whether we needed anything else. 




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