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Yaletown Brewing Restaurant is well known for their distinct beer. They have a wide range of different tasting beers, from a lighter beer for the ladies or a darker beer for the boys. At least one of their choices will satisfy your tastebuds.

When we got to the restaurant it was already really busy! It was a sunny day, so the patio was filled with people and the windows were down and there was laughter and chatting everywhere. I just really enjoyed this place! Also, there was actually a magician walking around the restaurant to big groups and did magic tricks in front for them! I was waiting for him to stop by at our table but he left :(

After looking at the beer menu for a while, I've decided to stick with my Cosmo drink because you can never go wrong with a cosmo (Also, I was never a big fan of beer anyways).

limmerZ got the Downtown Brown and either Kenboi or Flo got the Nagila Pale Ale. There was another one that they ordered but I forgot the name.

We ordered Fish Cakes ($10.99). I was not a big fan of the papaya salsa so I only dipped the white cream sauce. Overall the taste was alright; the white sauce came off a bit spicy so after eating it I can feel my face turning red from the spice. Also, for 11 bucks I thought the portion came out pretty small.

This is the South Pacific Spicy Fried Squid ($11.99). Obviously you can tell that this is a spicy dish from the name but it was actually not that bad! I only ate the ones with no red pepper on them and it was delicious!

This is what Flo ordered: the St.Petersburg ($17.99). I tried some of the beef and it was super yummy and the portion was HUGE! Right when I saw the portion I knew she wouldn't be able to finish it.

Kenboi got the Lamb Tenderloin ($14.99) with Onion Rings. According to Kenboi, the onion rings weren't that great but the Lamb was delicious.

I ordered the Valencia ($18.99). OHBOY did I go wrong with this dish. Totally did not know that this would be spicy and I regret ordering this very very much. If you like spicy food, you'll love this! The taste was actually incredible, and the seafood was fresh and delicious, but the spicyness totally made my smile turn upside down. I actually wanted to continue eating it because I love seafood and the flavor was very good but after a while, my water ran out and I couldn't continue anymore. If you guys like seafood and spice, go for this dish!

limmerZ got the BBQ Short Ribs Sandwich ($14.99) with salad on the side. According to limmerZ it was very juicy and yummy!



$$$ (20 bucks and more including tax and tip per main course)

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