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 Monks, well known for their fresh daily seafood. Finally had a chance to give this place a try. For a couple who loves to buy vouchers we always keep an eye out for amazing deals and finally our chance was here when limmerZ snatched a voucher for us to go to the Monks with 50 dollars worth. I've never been there in my life so thank god limmerZ came here with his family before otherwise I wouldn't even know how to get to this place because it was pretty hidden. They don't have many parking spots a long the side walk so its either be patient and wait for a free parking spot or valet your car. They have a whole parking lot just for the valet boys to valet cars. So, since it was right there and all the side parkings were taken up we've decided to pay for valet instead. Valet was approximately 8 dollars. The entrance was nothing grand but when we walked in the restaurant it was a very casual setting and it was a sunny day so the brightness just made the whole place look better. Apparently on the menu at the bottom of the page it indicates that if you're going to a White Caps game they do provide free valet parking and free shuttle to BC Place and $15 dollars for burger and beer! limmerZ and I didn't know they had this before so it kind of sucked how we already went to a White Caps game :(

First off, limmerZ ordered a Rootbeer. This wasn't any typical root beer, it has a bit of alcohol in it so I thought it tasted extremely weird. (Around $6.00) The waiter told us not to stir it otherwise it'll foam up and overflow. But being the naughty me, I've decided to stir it up several times and it started to foam up like crazy! Thank god it didn't overflow on us!
Started off with some fresh bread!

I LOVE seafood, so when I saw this on the menu I had to order it. This is the Shellfish Platter. ($29.00) Everything in it was SUPER delicious, especially the mussels! The Salmon and Halibut could've used a bit more flavor but overall it was good. I usually don't finish my meals but I totally cleared this whole plate up!

limmerZ got the Monks Halibut and Chips ($19.00). He enjoyed this ALOT, the halibut was fresh and usually he's very picky about his fries and their fries definitely pleased him. On the side it also comes with salad, so he got the typical caesar salad!




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