Sunway Restaurant

My co-worker told me a lot of good things about this restaurant and finally I've gotten the chance to try this place out! I had pretty high expectations already because my co-worker told me it's pretty legit Taiwanese food. From the outside it looks very nice, so I actually expected the interior to be a bit fancy too. At least somewhat like bubble world in Richmond. But OMG when I stepped in I was so shocked by the interior. Very poor decorative interior designs and its just not professional at all. Their refrigerator is visible in public near the cashier desk. But anyhoo, I'm there for the food so let's get to it...!

My go-to bubble tea is green apple green tea, but recently I've been loving just the original honey milk tea. ($3.75) So I ordered the honey milk tea with pearls and OMG it tasted SO WEIRD! Apparently they use green tea to make this honey milk tea. I KNOW what green tea tastes like and once I tasted this drink I knew green tea was the ingredient already. I asked the waitress and she told me its what they use in their honey milk tea. All I know is all other honey milk teas I drink from elsewhere all have the same similar taste but this one was WAY too off. 

One word=disappointed.

Next, we got the popcorn chicken ($5.50). It was not bad but I've definitely tried better ones elsewhere and it became really salty after a while. 

We ordered side rice for an extra dollar.

Also, we ordered deep fried tempura ($5.50). DISLIKE, super salty. All I could taste was salt ..... not good.




Overall Rating: 


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