Player's Chophouse Restaurant & Lounge

Player's Chophouse is right next to B.C. Place. I've been to B.C. Place several times but I never noticed this restaurant at the corner spot! Probably because the only signage they have is this one which is pretty highly placed at the corner. I guess for short people like me it's not as visible as they thought it will be. Anyhoo, theres no free parking nor do they have a parking lot. Only street meter parking. For us, it was really fast to find a spot because that street wasn't packed with cars or anything.

When we got into the restaurant it was completely empty. It's a very spacious restaurant and they even had an upstairs sitting area. It was kind of awkward to be the only customers there. Knowing were the ONLY people there, to be honest that totally made all my expectations for this place to die down. The interior reminds me of the Earl's in downtown and they have many tv's set along the bar area which would be a total perfect place for game watching.

We got the Crab Croquettes ($14.00) for appetizer. It was super delicious and I dare to say that this is the BEST crab cake I've eaten. Just from start to finish it was just unbelievably tasty. The chili-creme sauce was a great touch to give it a boost of flavor. 

Next, we got the Pulled Pork Poutine ($12.00). OHMY, does that look delicious or what? It was overflowing with pulled pork on top of the fries. I was very pleased with this poutine. 

Last but not least we got the Chophouse Prime Rib ($28.00) 8 Oz. I believe this was 8 oz. We ordered this to share and ohboy was I glad we made that decision. We got it medium rared and it was perfect. Super juicy and the taste was incredibly undefinable. 




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