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First time I came here was last year with one of my buddies. At first I would never expect much from this place because outside does not appeal to me at all. But after my first experience here I loved it!

They are only open during night hours, so if you are planning to go during the day then too bad. Their sashimi is super fresh and it is definitely worth every penny! The prices aren't really "cheap" but I highly recommend this place. You can definitely taste the quality difference between this place and some "all you can eat" restaurant. I don't go here all that often because I do try to limit myself to not spend so much on food. But once in a while I'll just go back and eat eat eat and enjoy enjoy enjoy :)

They have their own parking lot and several stalls are reserved for their customers, so parking should be no problem.

The owners are not traditional Japanese people but they make it just perfect and definitely top some of the actual Japanese owned restaurants. The workers are very friendly and it's just very cozy and comfortable.

First off we got the Appetizer Sashimi- 2 pieces of Salmon and 3 pieces of Tuna ($4.95).
It was just a perfect portion as an appetizer for 2 people.

For the main meal we ordered 2 different types of roll.

First roll, The Gozilla Roll (Tuna, Salmon, Crabmeat, Avocado, Spicy Sauce, wrapped with Unagi, Tempura and drizzle with eel Sauce) ($12.99).

Even though it says it has spicy sauce in it, I can guarantee you non-spicy eaters out there that this roll is NOT spicy at all and it's actually really delicious! I would highly recommend this roll!

Second roll, Black Dragon Roll (Prawn Tempura, Cucumber, Crabmeat, wrapped with unagi and avocado with tobiko mayo and unagi sauce) ($12.95).

They make the best dragon roll ever! I definitely recommend these 2 rolls to you guys!




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