The American Cheesesteak Co.!

If you guys have never been to The American Cheesesteak than you're missing out! I highly recommend this place! It is located on Davie and they don't have their personal parking so the only way is if you transit or you pay parking. At first when I heard the name I thought it'll be a very fancy place but nope, it's a super casual atmosphere and you basically pay at the counter first and you go sit yourself and grab utensils on the side on your own. When you purchase food, they'll hand you a number tag so they'll know what you ordered and they'll bring it over when it's ready. 

Bottled sodas ($3.00)
I love how our drinks are bottled. I seriously don't know where people purchase these! If I live by myself I would totally stock up my fridge with bottled soda. LOL
limmerZ love root beer in general and he never tried this brand of root beer before. Thru curiosity, he purchased this and at the end he didn't like it very much. 

I ordered The Chicken Milanese- Hand breaded crispy chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers, in house roasted tomato sauce and fontina cheese. ($10/regular or $12/large) 
Obviously I went for the chicken sub... :) OHMY this tasted like a pizza on a sub. My tastebuds were in heaven and regular size is more than enough! It was super filling!

ACC Fries- Tossed with garlic, parsley and parmesan ($4/regular or $6/large)
Now I'm going to rave about their fries. BEST TASTING FRIES ON THE PLANET! 
I don't care how full you get from your sub but I demand you guys to order their fries! I LOVE them sooooooo much! Especially with the dip, OHGOSH I can't stop thinking about these! 

I'm dead serious. best fries ever.

limmerZ ordered The Cowboy- Shaved prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade spicy bbq sauce, bacon mayo and aged white cheese ($10/regular or $12/large).

Obviously limmerZ got the large size because he was scared regular would be too small for him. He seriously finished this whole thing! But he wished he got the regular so he can eat more of the delicious fries. I tried a bite of this and it was REALLY good as well. I was really satisfied with everything we ordered and my stomach was super happy at the end ;) haha




Overall Rating: 

ENJOY ! :)

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