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So currently Phil & I are in Vegas for this whole week. You'll see a few posts from Las Vegas on our blog and if you are interested in watching our Vegas adventure, check us out on youtube! We are posting daily vlogs on our Youtube channel!

Day 1 in Vegas:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNVKeqPkeSU

So before we headed out to Vegas, we went to Pronto with a great friend of ours. Its located along Cambie and between 18th & 19th Avenue. Try finding parking at the back of the restaurant. They had a few along the alley way that was free parking after 6pm. 

When we stepped into the restaurant, we waited approximately 5 minutes and nobody from their staff walked up to us to ask if we were helped. There were quite a few staff members that passed by us and we were totally ignored. Since it was our first time at this restaurant, I decided to walk up to the one at the cashier till and ask her if we seat ourselves or someone is supposed to help us. She seemed like she was trying to fix something in the till and answered with a quick no, we help you out. BUT she doesn't tell one of her staff to assist us..... So we were just standing in front of her for a few minutes, confused, not sure what to do...and then FINALLY a blonde lady from their staff team saw us and decided to ask if we were helped. We answered no, and she quickly brought us to a table at their back patio. Right off the bat, this place already gave poor service so I was really hoping the food will be MUCH better than their service. 

Their menus were very limited. Not that many options to choose from. They have their primary Pastas, got two pizza options, salads, sides, etc. Their back "patio" was pretty interesting. It was like we were within a tall sealed tent with heaters all around. The lighting was very dim, so pls don't mind my photos. :P

Our friend got the Gnocchi with pesto (minus the Pancetta- since he doesn't eat meat)- hand made potato gnocchi with creamy pesto & parmesan cheese (he substituted the Pancetta with mushrooms) $18.00.

I got the Rigatoni Boscaiolo- proscuitto, sundried tomatoes, cremini mushroom & garlic in cream sauce $16.00. I thought the sauce was very watery and didn't mix with the pasta, so when I ate the pasta, it barely had any flavour. The sauce didn't absorb into the pasta so it was lacking flavour for sure. The portion was decent sized and filling. 

Phil ordered the Margherita pizza - tomato sauce, mozzarella, sliced roma tomatoes & fresh basil ($15.00). Surprisingly the pizza was MUCH better than the pastas. Considering their main focus is not on pizzas, their Margherita pizza was delicious! The ingredients were spread out evenly within the pizza. For $15.00, you get a very good portion. The size is shareable among 2-3 people. Great flavour, fresh ingredients and the dough tasted great. It was crunchy and soft at the same time. Definitely recommend trying out their Margherita Pizza if you come here.

Food: 3/5

Service: 2/5
After the situation from the beginning, the service did not improve after that. We were lacking water for the longest time and our waitress actually saw our bottle emptied but decided not to refill it until we asked. Service was slow and we were definitely not happy about it.

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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Pronto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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