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Yesterday Phil and I went to the McArthur Glen Outlet to purchase some tshirts for Phils football team. Since it was during dinner time, we decided to check out if the new Japanese restaurant was opened yet. We were happy to see that there is finally a Japanese restaurant at the outlet so we decided to go try it out! It was during dinner time and the restaurant was pretty dead. There were a few tables here and there but probably because it's still brand new and not a lot of people know about this place just yet. 

The interior looks fresh, new, clean and bright. The staff were very prompt in filling up our tea occasionally and making sure we are doing okay. 

Their menu for dinner was very limited. They had all the basic sushi, sashimi, appetizers but I didn't see anything special. The only thing on their menu that stood out to me was their curry, so we decided to order their Katsu Curry ($15.00) to try.  Presentation wise looks very nice and was plated very nicely. The potatoes and carrots were very hard, I prefer them to have a softer texture with the curry. The salad was very simple, with peanut butter dressing. The pork katsu was not that great. It was stiff, thin, and didn't have that crunch I was hoping for. Overall the dish was pretty disappointing and I think $15.00 is pretty expensive. 

We also ordered the Chicken Karaage ($6.00). The Chicken Karaage was lacking flavour and the lemon juice didn't help either. I was pretty disappointed in this dish because in Richmond, i can find way better chicken karaage elsewhere. My favourite chicken karaage place is still Maruwa Sushi.

We also decided to order a Salmon Maki ($3.50) because I wanted to try out their sushi rolls.  This was nearly $4.00 and probably one of the worst Salmon Maki's I've had. Presentation wise, it failed already. I looked at it and I was thinking to myself, even All you can eat sushi places wrap up a better looking maki. The salmon was cut up in weird inconsistent shapes and they were thin. I love my salmon maki's and I was just super disappointed in this..

Overall, I thought the place was very nice and service was decent. But for the price of their dishes paired up with the quality, I just don't think its worth it. Especially when Richmond is a place FILLED with food restaurants, the standards are pretty high. If I have a choice, I probably wouldn't come here for Japanese cuisine. 

Service: 3/5

Food: 2/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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