Smoke N Bones

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I went to Playland on the last day of PNE and my main goal was to eat some tasty ribs from their Rib Fest! Last year or the year before, I tried the Gator one as that was one of the ones with the longest lines. All 4 of the stands have trophies and banners for their various awards, so it was hard to decide on which one to go for. I go by the logic of whichever one has the longest line must mean that their food is the most popular. That logic served me well last time, and this time I went to try the second of the two with the longest lines, Smoke N Bones.


I ordered the half rack of ribs for $13. Now I didn’t get to eat them fresh because afterwards we went to go buy Jess’ food from a noodle truck, which took super long! I didn’t want to start eating first without her but she insisted, so after a while of waiting, I finally started on the ribs. They still had very good flavour on them and were very tasty! At the beginning, they were definitely falling off the bone, but after a while it got colder and became tougher to eat. Definitely recommend you eat this fresh! Nevertheless, those were definitely some good ribs and I would not mind ordering from them again!

Pls ignore the horrible pic of the ribs, I totally forgot to take photos before eating. I was just way too hungry.





Let me know if you tried any of the ribs from Rib Fest and how they were in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Happy eating!


- Phil

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