The Tasty Torpedo Sandwich Co.

Hey guys!

If you live in Vancouver and you are a MAJOR foodie, then you must know about the annual summer Food Cart Fest that is held at Olympic Village every sunday throughout the duration of the summer season. Eastside Flea had team up with Food Cart fest and held 3 out of the 4 featured days already. Our company Cherry On Top Designs ,  was there on August 09, 2015. We were extremely happy that so many people stopped by our booth to check us out! If you missed out on the event, check us out on our etsy shop !

Having a booth at the Food Cart Fest definitely has its advantages, I get free admission AND I get to smell and look at delicious food for a long period of time! I took a walk around the whole venue, checking out what I should purchase this time around. I came across this food truck called "The Tasty Torpedo" I was first attracted by their big sign that says EPIC SANDWICHES! Phil LOVES sandwiches so I thought this MIGHT be an option. I looked through the menu and the FIRST thing on the list already made me want to drool. Am I being a tad dramatic?? NOPE, I'm basically 24/7 drama queen ;P BUT I'm serious... Just read the menu below about "The Godfather" and you'll know exactly what I mean. 

When I went up to order, I wanted to get a snack size of The Godfather, but unfortunately only that one is not available in snack size. So I got the FULL size for $12.00. The cashier promised me that I'll love it and it'll worth every buck! So I believed her and sure was she right!

For $12.00, this is probably the best value you can get for that size at a Food Cart festival. It was absolutely huge! I only bought that for me and Phil to share for the day, and it was definitely more than enough. The bread was soft, the meat was tender, the marinara sauce was ON POINT, the cheese was melted.... AHHH every bite was delicious. I highly recommend trying this out, but I must warn you... If you end up getting this, you won't have room for anything else. 

Anyways, you guys still have time to drop by the Food Cart Festival to try out all these amazing food trucks. It is still on every Sunday until the end of summer! Also, there is an admission fee but here's a tip... If you are NOT a vancity banker but want to get free admission, see if you have a vancity button pin lying around your house or ask your friends! Because one time when I just so happen to have a vancity pin, they let me in for free!

Service: N/A (Very friendly cashier tho)

Food: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Have a wonderful summer!

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