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Hey Everyone,

Jess and I recently went to the relocated Legends Pub, which is now at Blundell and Garden City. 

I have been to Legends at their previous location but since they moved, we had to check it out. The nice new interior is pretty nice!

The interior was very clean for a pub and there were tv's everywhere! It's a very nice setup for a sports pub. They have a second floor space as well, which seems like a nice place to host a small party.

Here's the menu:

As you can see, they have quite a selection of food here, and the prices are pretty reasonable as well for a pub. Now the question is was the food actually good for the value?

For drinks, since I'm at a pub, I thought I'd order a beer that was on special for the day, so I tried the Red Race IPA $6.25.

This turned out to be not my type of beer, as the flavour is a bit too strong for my liking.

For starters, we were looking at the appetizer menu and one item caught our attention, the Mini Yorkies $12.00.

Jess and I never had "Yorkies" before, so we were very interested in finding out what they tasted like. They're essentially a pastry puff with roast beef and deep fried onion strings on top, covered in gravy. These turned out to be very tasty and a great starter to the meal! The roast beef and gravy go well together of course, and the pastry puff and deep fried onions complete the yorkies perfectly.

For mains, I had the Tennessee Whisky BBQ Pork Ribs $12.00.

I love ribs, so I had to try this out and see how their ribs were. The ribs were more sweet than tangy and did not have the nice bbq flavour that I'm used to, so I was kind of disappointed with these ribs. The meat did fall off the bone without difficulty, but they weren't as meaty as other ribs I've had. It just felt like something was lacking for the ribs, as the sauce was not quite there, and the ribs felt kind of skinny. I just didn't get that satisfying feeling when biting into the ribs like I normally do when eating good ribs.

The fries were another issue, as they came unsalted and completely plain. I look around the table and the salt and pepper shakers were nowhere to be seen. We had to ask for them, and they explained they just cleaned the tables and forgot to replace the shakers. Even when I got the shakers, the salt that they had would not stick to the fries, and neither did the pepper. The size of the fries were also a tad bigger than I'd like, as I don't like thick cut fries, and if they were thick, then they'd need to have a ton of flavour to pass. Also, any fries that require me to add additional salt/pepper are a fail in my books. 

Jess had the Monthly Special Seafood Linguine $10.00

This had salmon, cod, and tiger prawns in it, tossed in a creamy rose sauce and served with focaccia bread. She thought the spaghetti was not that great, and the sauce was not outstanding either. The fact that this costs $10 is the only thing that prevents this dish from being a fail, but considering the many other pubs out there, she would rather pay more for a better dish. 

The service was good, as we were attended to very often with our server coming to check on us every so often. The restaurant was not busy at all, which is likely why we were checked on so often, so we'll have to see how it is when it's a busy night. When we asked what the yorkies were, our server did not know what they were as she had never tried them, so that was kind of a fail, as all servers should know the entire menu and have tried each one. It's never a good sign when you ask about a particular menu item and the server cannot answer your question of what it is on the spot. 

Overall, this restaurant gave us mixed opinions of it, as there were both good and bad points. The decor of the restaurant was nice, and the selection of food and prices appeared to be pretty good. The food itself was mediocre though, which was a let down. The service was fast and friendly but lacked knowledge of the menu. This resulted in a mediocre rating overall for this restaurant. I would return to check out some other items on their menu to give them a second chance, but this first visit after the relocation was a bit disappointing.









Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!

- Phil

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