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Hey guys!

Went to Maji this week and this time I brought my two bros, my bros buddy, & Phil. None of them tried Maji before and they were all really excited to try out this place considering how much I love this place.

I also filmed our whole experience HERE. So go check out our youtube channel and tell us what you think! 

Right off the bat, we ordered my fave beer of all time. This time we got one can of Pineapple beer and one can of Mango beer. If you read my last blog on Maji then you should know how much I was loving the Pineapple flavour beer. The mango flavour was really delicious too and the taste of the mango was definitely stronger compared to the pineapple beer. If I have to choose a favourite, I would choose the Pineapple flavour over the Mango. Phil being a total beer lover, he was really digging these two flavours! I feel like this beer is a must try for everybody! (Unless your not legal to drink yet... lol)

We ordered the Pork fried rice ($8.50). When the dish came, I thought the portion was very small but it turned out to be a pretty good size for 6 people to share, considering there were other dishes coming as well. Great flavour and it was one of my bros faves. Usually my bros are pretty picky, so if they think its good... it must be pretty good :)

I thought the dish was great! The pork was cooked very well. The veggies and meat complimented each other and was very well balanced.

Next up, Green Onion Beef ($8.99) also known for one of their top favourites. This dish has a bit of a chili spice to it but nothing crazy. It is a very mild spice that majority of non spicy eaters are able to handle (aka. me.) Love this dish, the sauce was delicious and it just paired really well with the onion and beef. Phil really loved this dish and thought it was extremely tasty. 

So the next three dishes, I already talked about them in my previous Maji post, so definitely read up on what my thoughts are on all these other dishes!

Overall, everyone loved everything. No complaints or negative comments. My brothers friend really loved this place and said he will definitely come back here again!

Service: 4/5

Food: 5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy eating!

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