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Hey Everyone,

Had a work lunch a few days ago at Tacofino and it was the first time that any of us had been here, aside from the one who brought us here!

As seen above in the pictures, they have a very simple lunch menu, so there isn't too much thinking to do when picking what to eat. The decor is very interesting with some funky light fixtures, bottles in crates on the walls, and one lonely spot advertising shots for "4 bux". The seating is laid out in long benches made for sharing with other parties, so our group of 7 shared a bench with another group of 4. 

From the outside you would barely know this was the restaurant, as it looks quite run down and the only indication that this was the restaurant was the "tacofino" name in their handwriting-style logo on the door, which was quite small to begin with. This restaurant apparently started off as a food truck, and later opened up a commissary. 

We sat down with an order of Tortilla Chips & Salsa Fresca $5 already at the table (ordered already by our friend who had arrived earlier). 

Everything they serve is made in-house, even the tortilla chips, which are amazing by the way! They come out hot fresh from the kitchen, served with guacamole and salsa. There's also a green bottle and a red bottle which are both spicy, which are used on tacos, but you could put that on the chips as well. These chips and salsa are uber delicious and are a MUST have when you dine here!

We had a few Mexican beers as seen below.

The Pacifico $7 is a light beer which goes down very smoothly and tastes great! The Negra Modelo $7 is a darker beer which was apparently also very tasty from what my colleagues said. I had the Pacifico and I definitely recommend it when dining here!

As for the tacos, the majority of us ordered the Fish Taco and the Pork Jowl Taco. Separately, they are $6 each, but if you order two tacos, it's $10 for both. 

The Pork Jowl taco was my favourite of the two, as it had very good flavour overall. The pork contained both lean meat and fat, and the toppings (cabbage, fried shallot, pineapple, sriracha) compliment the pork very well in this taco. They provide a few slices of lime as well to get a bit of citrus flavour if you like. You also have the options of the Green and Red sauces from their respective bottles as mentioned earlier. 

The Fish Taco was recommended to us, so most of us ordered this one to go with the Pork. It contains cripsy ling cod, cabbage, chipotle mayo, and salsa fresca. This taco felt more dry, and the salsa didn't seem to compliment the fish very well. It seemed like there should have been a different type of topping to go with the fish instead of the salsa fresca. I would recommend you try a different taco here unless you've tried them all already. We'll get around to trying the other flavours next time!

Both tacos were expectly messy to eat, as they both dripped oil and sauce out of the back end. 

One of our colleagues ordered a Burrito $10 although I'm not sure which one they had specifically.

This photo's credits go to Ricky!

The burrito was HUGE and she ended up packing the second half to go!

Onto the desserts! We ordered one of each dessert from their menu.

The Lime Curd Vaso $6 was very creamy and tasty! The green bits you see on top of the whipped cream are lime zest, which give it a sour flavour, similar to lemon meringue. The middle layer is brown butter graham crumb, and the bottom should be the lime curd. Overall a very tasty dessert!

This photo's credits go to Ricky!

The Milk & Cookies $6 was a very unique dessert. It comes with a small bottle of Horchata condensed milk to drink along with the cookies. The cookies are called Chocolate Diablo Cookies, and they contain some spicy pepper or something, as the cookies were actually spicy! I tasted cinnamon in the cookies as well, which made for a very unique flavour!

The Banana Churros $7 were a favourite among our table. It comes with ibarra chocolate, banana sriracha icecream to dip. Another unique and tasty dessert! I'm usually not a big fan of churros, but these were pretty good! 

The service here was pretty good. It's a pretty casual place so the service is pretty casual as expected. They're very friendly and give good advice on what to order. Plates were cleared in a timely manner and service was prompt. 

Overall this place is a very fun and casual place to dine and the price is very affordable. The food is good, the beer is good, the desserts are unique and good, what's not to love? I would definitely recommend this place and would come back to try their other tacos!









Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!

- Phil

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