Dineout 2015- Chambar Restaurant

Hello everyone!

This month was our 4th year anniversary, so we decided to treat ourselves to some amazing food! We heard many great things about Chambar and since they were also doing Dineout, might as well take this opportunity to try it!

Dineout is still on until February 1st, so if you want to check out the Chambar dineout menu check out the link: http://www.dineoutvancouver.com/listings/Chambar-Restaurant/19526/0/#dineoutdinnermenu

They serve the $38.00 menu, which comes with appetizer, main course & dessert (just like all other dineout options). 

So for appetizer, I ordered the  Soupe De Canard: Cauliflower soup, barbequed duck, cilantro pistou,  & toasted almonds.
The soup is a thick cream consistency and has some amazing flavor. I really like the addition of the cilantro pistou which gives the soup an extra kick of flavor. The duck was cooked very well and the amount given was surprisingly filling. 

Phil ordered the Coquilles St. Jacques A La "Bob": Pan seared scallops, mint pea puree, tandoori papadum & pickled grapes. He thought everything paired very well with the scallops but thought the portion was too minimal. But overall an amazing appetizer. 

 Now on to main course! Phil ordered the Mussels! Apparently the mussels are very well known from Chambar so he knew he had to order this. Not to our surprise, the mussels were amazing, flavor was on point! At first glance, it doesn't seem like there's many mussels within the pot, since all the garnish was hiding majority of the top layer. We knew the flavor would be amazing, but we were shocked by the amount of mussels given! There were at least 30+ mussels in this pot and it was extremely satisfying and filling for Phil. Highly recommend the mussels if you decide to come here! There were also fries served on the side with the mussels. Phil's advice is to eat the fries first, because by the time you are done with the mussels, your fries would've cooled down and it'll just not taste as great!

I ordered the Curry D'omble De L'artique- Roasted artic char, parsnip & miso curry, kale, sorrel, fresh pomegranate & pine nuts. The fish was perfectly cooked and the skin was so crisped, but it turned out to be a great disappointment. The miso curry sauce was poured on to my dish when it arrived and it basically covered the whole bottom of my plate. When you start cutting in to the fish, the fish soaks up all that sauce and when you bite in to the fish, the only flavor that you can taste is the sauce. It overpowers the fish so much that you don't even taste any of the fish. I was rather disappointed because the fish was cooked so lovely but the sauce was just so strong in flavor that it covers the fish entirely. The pomegranate and pine nuts were a unique but great choice for this dish, the pine nuts added texture and crunch & the pomegranate gave the dish sweetness. Overall if I had a choice, I wouldn't order this dish again. 

 For dessert, I ordered the Gateaux De Chevre- Chevre cheesecake, speculoos, green apple sorbet, quince caramel. 
From the name, I thought this would be the perfect dessert for me because I love cheesecake, I love apple sorbet & I love caramel.. but I never tried it all together. All 3 combined was just extremely weird for me and I just can't understand the relationship each one have with one another. It just didn't work well with my tastebuds and I thought this dessert was rather awful.. 
I'm not entirely sure if there were goat cheese within the cheesecake or not, but I thought I tasted a bit of goat cheese in it and I hate goat cheese, so that was a total let down. I have a special place in my heart for caramel, it's by far one of my most fave things out there, but the caramel sauce at the bottom doesnt even taste like caramel to me! Now on to the apple sorbet, the apple sorbet itself was amazing and tasted super refreshing, but the combination of all 3 of these items together just didn't work out for me. 

Phil ordered the La Barre De Chocolate- Hazelnut praline chocolate mousse bar, sherry vinegar, burnt cinnamon milk foam. 
I thought it was extremely sweet how the restaurant took the time to put the wordings "Happy anniversary" on our plate. I know they were extremely busy so the thought of remembering and taking the time to do this for us was definitely a plus for service!
Now on to the actual dessert, it's basically a chocolate bar with a side milk foam on the side. The foam tasted pretty interesting because there's a hint of cinnamon in it. The chocolate bar itself was decent but not the best. Phil loves to eat anything chocolate but he thought this dessert was quite disappointing because he expecting something spectacular. 

Overall, for both desserts, we were definitely not impressed.

Service: 4/5

Food: 2.5/5

Price: $$$$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Friday!

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