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 Hello everyone!

Last week I decided to join Phil and his co-workers for lunch at Mui Garden. Apparently they come here pretty often during their lunch hours. When we got there I was browsing through the menu but none of them took a glance at it. I questioned why and they told me based on their previous experiences they already know what's the best dish here. Since I've never been here before, obviously I trust their opinion. So we all ended up ordering the Curry Beef Brisket with Rice.

Now before I jump right in to my opinion on the actual dish, let me talk a bit about the restaurant. Mui Garden has been around for quite some time and I remember long time ago my parents LOVED Mui Garden, but due to other competitions within Vancouver , the quality and performance of this place was just not meeting to everyone's expectation anymore.

Despite the interiors horrid appearance, I expected much out of the food and service provided. In terms of service, according to Phil and his co-workers, the service is based towards their mood on that particular day. Sometimes they are very nice and sometimes they are horribly rude.

According to Phil's opinion, he ordered other dishes from this place before and was highly disappointed so he only orders Curry beef brisket with rice.

Also another advice given by the boys: DO NOT ORDER THE CRISPY BUN! Phil and his co-workers ordered this before due to the nice, attractive advertising photo on their table but they are warning all FOOD EATERS, do not order this because the photo is false advertising! When they got their crispy bun, it looked nothing like the photo and was COMPLETELY disappointed.

We all ordered the Curry Beef Brisket with Rice-Meal  (approx. $9-10) (which comes with drinks as well)
When I was flipping through the pages of the menu, I noticed that this dish was indicated as a spicy dish. But when we got this dish, it had no sorts of spiciness to it. I was hoping to get a mild spice out of this dish but it was completely flat. No spice at all. Overall the flavor was amazing and the beef briskets were huge and tender but I just didn`t like the whole false description. To all the spicy eaters out there, I can guarantee you all would`ve been so disappointed if you ordered this.
If you can`t eat spice and want to try some curry beef brisket, this is definitely the place for you!

Service: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Price: $
Overall Rating: 3/5
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