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Sorry for the short absence lately but I'm back with another blog about a Taiwanese restaurant called Pearl Castle, located in Richmond Centre. I've gone to Pearl Castle many times ever since my high school years and I still very much enjoy it even though competition is piling up in the area. Their first location that I know of started off in Continental Mall. Very popular area filled with restaurants. The one I'll be talking about today is the location inside of Richmond Center, across from McDonalds.

So for drinks, 99% of the time I'll order my Honey Milk Tea with pearls ($5.25) but from time to time, that 1% might trigger me to get my next favourites which is between mango slush or green apple greentea. For this particular visit, I just stayed with my usual. 

As for Phil, he ordered Taro Milk Tea ($4.95), which is extremely rare because he usually goes for aloe or chrysanthemum.  

I ordered the Taiwanese Meat Sauce on Rice ($5.75) and I was extremely shocked that my meal came with side dishes. In order to have side dishes, it has to be considered a combo of some sort, but in my case I got all this for only $5.75! What a deal! The meat sauce was kind of on the drier side but still very tasty. 

I love their side dishes because everything in them are just so delicious. They consist of seaweed, tofu & cabbage. The seaweed & tofu is just a tad spicy but that's why I love them so much.

Phil ordered the Fried Chicken on Rice ($8.50). The chicken are actually pieces of chicken that are compressed together to form a big piece. We're not sure if its a very common thing nowadays but we've seen restaurants make their chicken pieces like this at several other places. Overall, chicken was crisped on the outside & consists the right amount of flavor.

I had times where service is extremely slow or they just don't realize we need help because the waiters are too caught up in something else they are doing. So don't expect too much from the service. I do recommend this place for a quick bite. It is a good, quick choice, if you have no idea where to go. 

Service: 2.5/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 2.75/5

Happy eating!

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