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Jess and I were in Richmond looking to eat some dinner, and I thought of going here, which I was referring to as "Northern Delicacy", which was what was here before, but when we arrived, turns out it is now "Dinesty"! 

I had always wanted to try Dinesty but never ended up going, so this was perfect! It was a week night so the restaurant was not busy at all. We were seated fairly quickly by the "windows" of the restaurant that look out to the hallway with large windows that overlook the Browngate Rd. entrance. 

After we ordered, we were given tea and our dipping sauce for the Xiao Long Bao's.

First came the "Pork"

These were served with small buns so you can make a "slider" of sorts as the bun is split in the middle like a burger bun.

The pork was pretty good, but I felt the meat didn't soak in as much flavour as it could have, as my mom definitely makes this better! (She's Shanghainese) The eggs were weirdly misshapen, but not bad. They only provided 4 buns, which wasn't really enough if you wanted to eat all the pork with the buns, but that wasn't a big deal.

Next came the Xiao Long Bao's

Their Xiao Long Bao are not bad. The flavour was pretty good and there was a fair bit of juice in each one that was not completely absorbed by the meat filling. The skin is not the super thin type but was a bit thicker, which was functional as it doesn't break when you try to pick one up. They tasted great with or without dipping the vinegar/soy sauce. 

I also ordered this pan fried beef dumpling because on paper, it sounded like something tasty, when in reality it wasn't that great. Inside was just a small beef patty and it wasn't crispy, which I was expecting it to be. The flavour was mediocre so the overall dish was not very impressive. Would not recommend ordering this.

Jess of course had to order Shanghai Noodles! Their Shanghai Noodles were not bad, as to me this is a very typical dish (I'm half Shanghainese). Jess ate most of this one so I can't really say much more about it other than it's not bad.

Lastly we ordered the Turnip/Radish Pastry. I don't like the smell of the turnip/radish so I stayed away from this one. Jess did not like this dish at all. She couldn't smell or taste any of the radish and there was barely any flavor. Would not recommend ordering this.

The service was not bad here, but it wasn't memorable, so nothing more to say here. They did their job but it was nothing extraordinary.

All in all, this was a very satisfying dinner for us, and I would not mind returning to try out the rest of their menu. Next time I definitely need to try their "Shen Jian Bao" as that is one of my favourite Shanghainese dishes. 









Thanks for reading everyone and happy eating!

- Phil

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