Claypot Hotpot & BBQ Restaurant

Hey everyone!

I went to Claypot yesterday with my family and it reminded me that I still didn't blog about my previous experience yet. I went to Claypot for the first time a few weeks ago and i LOVED it.

First off, I recommend booking a table before going because this place gets packed extremely fast, especially during cold Vancity days.

For parking, I recommend car pooling and drive a small vehicle. The parking lot is very small and the spots are very tight.

This place is an all you can eat hot pot restaurant and everyone over 12 years old costs $20.95, children 4-11 years old costs $14.95. They also have a 2 hour limit for the all you can eat. Below, I've included the order menu, so you guys have a clearer idea of what food they offer.

For drinks, they have three options: plum juice, coca cola, and sprite for $1.50 and it is all you can drink. I prefer drinking plum juice during hot pot because it doesn't have any fizz to bloat up my belly. But the rest of my fam ordered the sodas.

I really like this place because their hot pot is a three tiered tower. the top tier is for steaming (recommend steaming some siu mah, if you like the ones from night market), second tier is to bbq and the bottom is of course for the actual hot pot. The bottom tier has a two way split, so you can have two different soup bases.

Everything we ordered was extremely fresh. The meats were delicious and the seafood was very mouthwatering. They marinated the chicken wings so well, it was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend ordering their chicken wings to bbq. I personally really like their buns with the milky dip, probably not worth stuffing your stomach at an all you can eat but I just love how it tastes so I ordered some anyways. The dip on the side is for an extra $0.50.

Service: 2/5
The service is a tricky one... there's this young guy who works there and I'm assuming he may be the owners son.. he is extremely quick in service and is extremely helpful. On the other hand, the ladies who work as your table waitress is not much. For both times, we got the same lady who served us and her attitude is beyond rude. I understand if she's having a rough day but she shouldn't really put that negativity on to the customers. At one point, she seem like she got so annoyed, we were scared to ask her for anything because she'll just come off and say "what?" like really? You are there and being PAID to do this and we were trying to be polite and nice to her since we thought that may ease her rudeness but nope... You can literally see her negativity on her face and you definitely felt like you can't approach her in any way. I understand that she may be busy but if she's nice about it, we don't mind waiting..

Food: 5/5
We loved the food. Everything was great and delicious and for the cost of $20.95 per person for all you can eat was definitely a steal. At home, we do hot pot too but the costs of buying everything, washing the dishes at the end is just very troublesome. Here, you get everything you want to eat for just approx $21 bucks per person. Also, an additional note about their fish balls, they make them themselves with fresh and top ingredients. Their meat balls are extremely bouncy and delicious. Their pork meat balls are made with maple leaf prime pork meat, their beef balls are made with canadian grade A beef, and their chicken meat balls are made with Wingtat free range chicken. The quality in their meat balls are definitely on point and highly recommend trying them!

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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  1. The selection looks way better than when I went to Little Sheep at Lansdowne last month! I was so disappointed lol...

    1. I haven't been to little sheep in such a long time. My coworker told me about his bad experience at that place last week... so i know what you are talking about! lol

  2. it doesn't have any fizz to bloat up my belly. Food Truck Catering