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After talking to a travel agent on Davie, me and Phil decided to go grab some food within that block. We came across to this Ramen place across the street and thought might as well give it a try. At first Phil was going to check out the rating on Urbanspoon, but I thought we should just give them a chance without being influenced by a rating shown on Urbanspoon. With no expectations in mind, we were very pleased by the quality and the amount of variety they have. Within the menu, there was a page highlighting their restaurant challenge. They have 3 different levels of spicy noodles: Level 1-SpiceFever, Level 2-Caboom, Level 3-Burning in hell.
If you manage to down all that noodle within 15 minutes, you get the Ramen for free, your picture will be shown on the wall of fame & you'll receive a certificate for completion. I thought this is such a fun and interesting feature they have, but I'll never try it, I'll just watch :)
We just went there for lunch and I was not planning to down spicy noodles that day, so no, me and Phil did not take on the challenge. :P

Phil ordered the Blackened Miso Ramen (approx. $9-$10)

He thought the soup consistency was extremely thick and was pretty disappointed. Overall, flavor is good but the soup was too thick.

 I ordered the Black Garlic Ramen ($10.45)
There was an option of choosing soft or hard noodles, so I went with hard noodles. Also there was an option of choosing lean or fatty cha-su, so I chose fatty cha-su.
My noodles came with a side of garlic chips, which I just placed within my soup to give it some flavor. Overall the noodles were cooked just right and I was very impressed with the taste.

Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy eating!
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