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Hello everyone!

My family loves to eat Chiu Chow Cuisine and we find it very difficult to locate an authentic Chiu Chow restaurant that makes on-point dishes. I'm partially Chiu Chow, therefore ever since I was young, my grandpa would cook up the BEST Chiu Chow dishes ever. 

We were given a small dish of pickled mustard greens. They were absolutely delicious! This place makes it sweeter than Top Chiu Chow Cuisine. I really like Top Chiu Chow, but I've heard they switched management and the level has gone down a little.

The location of this restaurant is extremely hidden and you'll only find this place if you know where you are headed. My uncle told us about this restaurant and it's surrounded by commercial properties. For dinner, they open up at 5:30, so when I got there, we were the first customers. At first I was kind of skeptical about this place because there was nobody there. After 30 mins of opening, this placed was packed full of party tables. 

So all the dishes we ordered are the ones we LOVE to eat. 
We are major duck fans, therefore we ordered the Chiu Chow Style Soy Duck (Half) $16.80.
The duck was perfectly cooked and I like how the soy sauce didn't overlap the taste of the duck. It was the perfect amount of soy to go along with it.

Next up, we got the Chiu Chow Style Rice Noodle with Seaweed & Fishballs ($8.80).
For under 10 dollars, this portion is extremely huge! The waitress told us the soup is actual soup, no msg added. I usually don't drink much soup, but this soup was beyond tasty and I drank at least 4 bowls of just pure soup. There were generous amounts of fishballs in this and I was extremely pleased with the quality in this dish. 

Next, we ordered 3 Soy Eggs ($1.50/each) & 2 Soy Smooth Tofu ($3.00/each). The egg was made so nicely that I didn't even want to eat it. The eggs were cooked so nicely that I must say this is my favorite dish throughout this meal. 

Next came the Chiu Chow Chicken ($14.80). My grandpa makes the BEST Chiu Chow chicken and I don't think this can compete with it. I thought it lacked a bit of flavour. The chicken itself was cooked nicely and the green crisp on the side was fried up perfectly. 

My family loves Green Beans ($13.80) but we thought this was way too salty. At first bite, the flavour was great and everything was good but after a few more, you become extremely thirsty. At least this is what me and my bro thinks. 

Last but not least, we got the Satay beef  ($15.80).
This dish was nicely done and it's a great pairing with rice. 

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy eating!

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