Kamamarui Ramen

Hey Everyone,
I was getting my car serviced in the Imperial Kingsway area and my buddie was free for lunch, so he suggested going to Kamamarui as he has heard good things about this place. We decided to try it out as we both love ramen!
This place is on Royal Oak and has their own parking lot beside it. It's pretty small and the exterior appearance isn't anything spectacular. The inside is quite interesting though, as you will see in the photos below.

There's a ring of rocks that run around the restaurant, the seating is funky, there's a funny drawing on the chalkboard showing you where the washroom is, and there are half-torso dogs on the wall for coat hangers. Yes...those are coat hangers!
The menu is as follows (excuse the poor quality photo, didn't notice it was blurry at the time)

An interesting item here is the "Bomb", which I had to try after hearing the description.

Here's what the cup of tea looks like =]
For the sake of the blog, I ordered their top combo of Miso Chashu Ramen + Bomb $13. 
The workers are Korean, so this is not a Japanese run ramen shop. However, they cook up a very delicious ramen! This was very flavourful, the chashu was tender and well flavoured as you can see, and the broth was very delicious and satisfying. One thing to note however, was that there were no bamboo shoots, which I normally find in ramen. I didn't add any extra toppings so this is exactly what you'd get if you ordered this dish. They give you a generous amount of chashu which is much appreciated!
Here are the sauce options on the side:

Now onto the BOMB!

It's basically a ball of a mixture of sushi rice with what looks like black sticky rice and seaweed, fried up and topped with sesame, seaweed, and some seasoning. Being a rice ball, it was quite dry, but the flavour is very good! There's no need to dip any sauce with this as it is totally fine on its own. The various ingredients used here make for a very tasty snack. It's slightly salty but the dominant flavour here is the seaweed flavour as it is found throughout the "bomb".

The service here was very good as the server was very helpful in describing what the "bomb" was to me, which made me want to try it. It's a small restaurant and we were one of their first customers of the day, so we were very well attended to. Tea refills were on time as needed, and the server was very friendly throughout the entire experience.

Overall, this was a great dining experience for us, and I'm sure we'll come back to this restaurant if we're in the area and craving for ramen. There aren't too many good ramen places outside of downtown, and even rarer in Burnaby, but this one is pretty good and definitely worth trying out. The food was great, and the service was just as great! Definitely recommended!



Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!
- Phil
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