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So the other day me and my bestie went out for our annual xmas dinner. This year we were supposed to go to the Keg, but after plans changed we switched to a way fancier place in Downtown and decided to go all out. After all...it is Xmas time and we just received our bonus from work so might as well treat ourselves to something amazing. We went to Black + Blue located on Alberni. That street is usually packed full of people so either cab down or pay for valet parking. I swear paying for  valet is a better deal then street parking if you are intending to stay there for over 3 hours.

To start off our dinner, we order 4 Kusshi Oysters ($3.70/each). They were SUPER fresh.

Next we ordered the Beef Carpaccio ($16.00) which was highly recommended by our waiter. He was right...this dish is AMAZING. The combination of the raw beef, grill oyster mushrooms and truffle aioli was just perfect.

We were told by our waiter that the prime rib is just average at this restaurant and he highly suggested us to order either the New York or the Beef Tenderloin. Obviously we made our decision based on his suggestions. So bestie ordered the Beef Tenderloin 8 Oz. ($41.00).
The waiter also hooked her up with the Mushroom Congae Sauce  ($3.00). The steak is already really good in flavor but with the addition of the mushroom sauce made it heavenly.
I ordered the New York Strip 12 Oz. ($42.00). It was very tender and soft. Great piece of meat and it was just way too big for me to finish. But I highly recommend getting this because it has a combination of lean and fatty parts and its splurging with juice. Definitely one of the best steaks I've personally tried.

 As for our side, we ordered the Mac & Cheese Sticks ($9.00). Deep fried with mac and cheese inside. Crunchy on the outside and soft melting mac and cheese on the inside, paired with a truffled cheese sauce was amazing. This side is very filling but definitely a good side to share with friends.

Mushroom Congae Sauce:

At the beginning of the meal we already ordered a glass of white wine each, but we finished that soon after our appetizers were done. So we had to keep the alcohol fun coming. There was a bartender with his cart going around to each table mixing up drinks for people and for ours we told him we wanted something sweet & fruity. He mixed together this green drink and told us it was something he just made on the spot so theres no name. He told me to make a name for this and I call this "The Grinch". I thought this drink was going be strong on alcohol so I chugged it down pretty fast and I must say I regret doing so. It was by far the best shot I've ever tasted. You can't even taste the alcohol in it and it was such a pleasant drink. ($8.00/each)

Next up for drinks, we ordered these to pair with our dessert. I ordered the Raspberry Cosmo ($9.00) & bestie order the Pink Lips (Approx. $9.00).
Last but not least comes dessert time!
We ordered the dessert platter ($24.00) which came with espresso crème brulee, butter cake, white chocolate truffles, milk chocolate truffles, macarons, almond & orange cookies & some other ones. I've tried their butter cake before and its literally one of the best desserts I've tried. So we thought why not just order a platter so we can try everything? I would not recommend getting the platter because everything was just not good. I was pretty disappointed in this.

Service: 5/5 (Service was amazing, our waiter provided excellent attention to our needs & suggested very good main dishes for us. He was a very fun and humorous waiter.)
Food: 4/5
Price: $$$$
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Happy eating!

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