Benjarong Thai Cuisine

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I'm always on the lookout for good deals online, such as Groupon, Socialshopper, etc. I love eating so if I can save a few bucks through vouchers, I WILL! I found this voucher for Benjarong on Socialshopper a few months ago and I've finally used it last night. I had tried several attempts to call this place to book a table before but its either they never pick up or they are not open. Thank goodness, I finally got a hold of them a few days ago and was able to book a table for last night. Unfortunately, their vouchers are no longer available on Socialshopper. The voucher was $12.50 for $25.00 bucks worth.

This restaurant is located right next to BC Sushi. I've passed by this place many times whenever I go to BC Sushi but it never appealed to me esthetically. The interior is very old fashioned, yet it gives off a very comforting, charming feel to it. The overall colors definitely screams Thai, with the yellow walls & red ceilings.

For drinks, I ordered the Thai Ice Tea with Milk ($2.50) (on the left) & Phil ordered the Thai Ice Coffee without milk ($2.50) (on the right).

I was kind of skeptical about my drink when it showed up as pink. On my first sip, it was a very familiar taste but I couldn't put my finger on it until Phil tried it and totally brought up the item that it reminded me of. If you are Chinese, you may know during Chinese new year, we receive red pockets and for candies, there is ALWAYS that red packaged candy that is white. The drink literally tastes like that candy. The first few sips were fine, but it got way too sweet for my liking.

As for Phils ice coffee, we both LOVED IT. Even without milk, it already had a hint of sweetness and there was literally no need for milk.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Chicken Satay ($8.50). Which was highly recommended by our waiter. I was so glad we ordered this dish because it was SO DELICIOUS! Usually for satays, they place cut up cucumbers on the side but never make it into a dip. The cucumber dip gave the chicken a very fresh taste and with the addition of the peanut sauce, OMG IT WAS LIKE...HEAVEN...I love chicken and I love the peanut sauce, so when the two collide, I become a very happy Jess. :P

For our first main entree, we ordered the Kapao Roasted Duck/ BBQ Duck with holy basil. ($12.95)

Love the flavor in this dish and it just worked very well overall. This dish also comes with rice.

Second entree we ordered the Authentic Pad Prig Khing chicken ($14.00)

We decided to order this dish because it mentioned it was Grandmas secret recipe, so it has to be amazing! But unfortunately, the flavor did not work for me and Phil. It was a very interesting dish to begin with but the flavors just doesn't fit best for our tastebuds. It starts off as a sweetish, tangy flavor and eventually it builds into spice. Phil tastes very strong ginger in this dish and was not a big fan of it at all. 

Service: 4/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $$

Overall: 3.5/5


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