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Hey Everyone,

My colleagues and I frequent food courts often when lunching during the week, so I thought I'd do some posts about the places we usually go. 

So one of the places at Richmond Centre that I order from often is OPA! I enjoy Greek food from time to time, and even though it's food court food, I like OPA!'s food. I usually order their pita wrap, but I have recently been getting the OPA! Platter $9.79.

This dish comes with rice pilaf, over-roasted potato, pita wedges, OPA! tzatziki, choice of Greek or Caesar salad, and your choice of either a juicy and tender chicken, beef, falafel, gyro, lamb, or shrimp souvlaki skewer. 

I always pick the Greek salad here as I like it better than their Caesar, which tends to be too salty and overdressed. The Greek salad is just right with the dressing and tastes great! The rice is great on its own and goes very nicely as part of this dish. The potato is not as flavourful but is a nice addition to the dish, making sure you get full from it. I love their pita wedges (I love bread) and you get four of them! It's grilled just right to have it slightly crisp on the outside while warm and fluffy on the inside. The skewers I find to be hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get a nice skewer with very tender pieces, and other times you get a skewer with a bunch of tendon in it, making it not very enjoyable and therefore some pieces are wasted from the one skewer you get. I often eat the skewer on its own, without the tzatziki sauce as it tasted great by itself, but it works very well with the sauce as well. 

This dish is very filling and satisfying, packed full of carbs, which I love, so it's perfect for me! It's a nice alternative to the many fast food options at the food court, so I can consider this slightly healthy eating, as opposed to having a burger and fries. This doesn't come with a drink, so you'll have to add that separate, or you can do what I sometimes do, and head over to A&W for a nice refreshing A&W Rootbeer!

Their staff are often very friendly and the food is prepped quickly enough that you're not standing around waiting for a long time. Someone who seems to be the owner/manager is often there serving customers as well, and they always have a smile on their face. You can't go wrong with picking OPA! when you're at Richmond Centre's food court, or Dining Terrace!




Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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