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Hey Everyone,

Smokehouse is a place I have heard of before, and passed by a few times in the past, but due to their very limited opening hours, I was never able to dine there until recently.

The outside is very unassuming, as it follows the same color scheme for their awnings as the rest of the building. The inside has some very cool design though.

The lighting fixtures were all made from mason jars, and there were a lot of rustic elements to the decor.

Their menu is written on a gigantic chalk board on the wall.

Given the sunny weather outside, and the chalk writing was a bit faced and rubbed away, it was very difficult to read the entire menu clearly. 

For drinks, I decided on getting the Strawberry & Mint (Cold) $2.99.

Yes they give you a mason jar with stuff in it! There is a water dispenser on the side for you to fill it with water, then shake it up to make the actual drink. The result is this:

The yellow/orange drink that my colleague got had ginger in it, and it turned out to be quite strong, so that's why I picked strawberry. My strawberry drink was very good! It was very refreshing to drink, and who knew mint and strawberry would work so well together! The size of the drink was just big enough to finish one sandwich, but if I had more food, I would need to refill it with just water, because you don't get a refill of the strawberry mint mix. My colleague pointed out that it tasted like strawberry jam mixed with mint in cold water. That might be how they make it, but it is very delicious. Great idea to put them in mason jars as well, as that is ever the popular cup these days. 

I decided on getting the Billie $9.99.

This sandwich contained salt cured pork belly with aioli, lettuce, and salsa. Not only did it look amazing, it tasted amazing! The "I" and "II" on the menu board means single meat or double meat. I got the single meat sandwich, and this was actually a good portion of meat to balance with the rest of the sandwich. It didn't look that way before eating it, but there was a good portion of meat inside! This sandwich was amazingly delicious! The flavours from each ingredient worked so well together, and the pork belly was so tender and juicy as the main feature of the sandwich. The bun was toasted just right to have a crispy texture but soft interior. Just writing about this sandwich makes me want to go back and have another one!

My colleague got the Wilbur $8.99.

This was a cumin spiced pulled pork sandwich with aioli and coleslaw. I had a bite of his sandwich and it was good, but I must say mine was much better =]

My other colleague ordered a side of Crisp $2, which was thin cut potatoes fried in olive oil (potato chips). These were freshly fried up, made to order, and were very good!

There wasn't much service, as you order from the counter and grab everything yourself from the counter. When your order is ready, they call your name and you go up to get your tray of food.

Overall this restaurant was awesome! It was just as good as the hype I've heard made it out to be. The sandwich I had was amazing (you might say one of the best sandwiches I've had), the drink was interesting and refreshing, and the interior was comfortable and relaxing. I would highly recommend everyone to check out this restaurant if you haven't, and if you have, you would definitely want to come back for more. I just wish they would extend their opening hours to past 5pm on weekdays so those of us that work 9-5 can have a chance to enjoy this for dinner!





Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know what you think of this place if you've been there, and what other sandwiches of theirs to try out that you think is as good as the Billie. Munch on!
- Phil

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