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Hey Everyone,

To celebrate my touch football team's second win of our season, since we were in Surrey, we decided to have lunch at Red Robin! Now aside from the downtown location, Red Robin has almost completely disappeared from the Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond area, so since we were somewhat near one after our game, why not give this place a visit!

It took quite a while to get us a table as we had a group of 9, so the wait was much longer than the other smaller groups waiting for a table. The restaurant was quite packed to our surprise, as the Guildford Town Centre area has a bunch of other dining options as well. 

When we were finally seated, the tables we were given made it quite squishy for the 9 of us, so we requested for another table to be added to our existing set, and they accommodated us without any issues. Off to a good start in the service department!

For drinks, I had to start off with one of my favourites from back in the day when Red Robin used to be outside Metrotown beside Boston Pizza, the Very Berry Raspberry Limeade $4.69.

As tempted as I was to order a milkshake (I love milkshakes) I stuck to my roots and got the REFILLABLE drink that I always ordered when dining at Red Robin in the past. This is a fizzy concoction of raspberry and lime fruit flavours with Sprite and a fresh lime wedge. Refreshing and oh so satisfying, this drink is a must try if you haven't already, and an excellent value drink due to the FREE refills! I think I ended up drinking about 4 of them!

I had a hard time deciding on which burger I wanted, but I ended up picking the Prime Chophouse Burger $11.79.

This was an absolutely delicious burger, made up of a juicy patty layered with horseradish-sauteed mushrooms, gourmet steak sauce, Provolone cheese and crispy onion straws, all inside a tasty onion bun with creamy Country Dijon sauce, topped off with an onion ring. I love onion buns, and I love how it adds its flavour to the beautiful combination of ingredients in this burger. The burger was so juicy and the patty was so tender, it was just overwhelming taste bud satisfaction with every bite! I have never tried this burger in the past, and I don't remember seeing it on their old menu, so it must have been a newer one that came out after they shutdown the Metrotown location. Highly recommend this burger!

I substituted my steak fries, those very thick cut fries that they're known for (which I don't like), to bottomless Yam Fries $1.49

These were very good yam fries, and I should have ate a lot more of this than I did, but the burger was quite filling, so I ended up packing these to go. The metal container you see that is holding the fries is literally "bottomless" as there is no bottom to it, so if you lifted it up, all the fries would fall out onto the plate. They're really taking this "bottomless" thing very seriously! I remember the steak fries and burgers used to come out on a red plastic basket plate, but I saw none of that during this visit. 

Jess had the Red's Popcorn Shrimp & Chips $12.49.

I had a bite of these mouth watering, crisply fried battered shrimp and they were delicious! Their dill'd & pickle'd tartar sauce went very well with the shrimp. Jess swapped her regular steak fries for Garlic Herbed Fries $1.99. I'll admit, these did have a good flavour to them and tasted great for thick fries, but I still wouldn't order thick fries myself, as I like mine thinner cut! I think thick cut fries have too much potato in each one that it often loses the flavour of the fry, and all I end up eating is plain potatoes. This fry did not give me that feeling as it was very well flavoured, so plus points for that!

Here's a shot of my friend's burger:

And a shot down our table:

The service here was great. In addition the previously mentioned great service when setting up our tables, our own server was very good as well. He was prompt with bringing us the drinks and our food, came around often enough to check if we needed anything (like drink refills), and was just very friendly and helpful overall. 

This dining experience at Red Robin totally reminded me of why I dined at Red Robin so often in the past. The food is just as good as I remember it to be, and the refillable drinks never disappoint! Service is attentive and prompt, not much more you could ask of them. This visit has reinvigorated my love for Red Robin, and I may start actively seeking to dine at a Red Robin if I am ever near one again! 





Thanks for reading everyone. If you haven't been to a Red Robin in a while, go give them a try and see if I'm right! Munch on!
- Phil

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