The Flying Pig at the Village

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So if you read my food blog on a regular basis, you should know I just blogged about a Flying Pig location in Gastown a few weeks ago. Today I will be talking about the Flying Pig at the Village. I didn't even know that there was a Flying Pig location around there until Phil mentioned it to me when he drove by that area a few weeks ago.

This restaurant is located at the Olympic Village on West 2nd. With tons of brand new apartment buildings, it definitely draws a lot more attention within that area when there is so many great food options.

We went there on a Saturday for my bros birthday. They don't take dinner reservations so I expected a wait. When we got there, there were many people standing around the entrance, so I was prepared to wait for at least 20 mins or more for a table, especially when there was a Canucks game on that night. When I told the host that we were a table of 3, we were seated right away. So I'm assuming those people waiting had large parties.

I was celebrating both my bros birthday because they both have birthdays during April. One of my bros ordered a Mojito & I ordered my usual white wine, Riesling $9.00. My bro thought the Mojito was okay, tried better elsewhere.


We were served with fresh bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar before our main courses arrived.
For our main course, it was a very easy decision for us. We all went for the T.F.P. Signature Pork Rack which came with side veggies & a pulled pork poutine. $25.50.

The pork rack was extremely tender and juicy. Everything was just made to perfection and my bros were extremely satisfied. They were very happy with the overall meal and had no concerns whatsoever. I highly recommend this dish because it is definitely worth the value. You get a big juicy piece of Pork rack with an extremely filling side poutine and nicely cooked veggies.

At the end, we ended up ordering a dessert to share among us three siblings. I believe this is a vanilla cake with chocolate and whip cream. I didn't eat much of this but it was definitely delicious. My bros said this was the BEST part of this whole meal and couldn't get enough of this cake.

Service: 4/5
The waitress was extremely friendly and helpful. Always came around to check to see if we are doing alright and persuaded us to get this delicious cake at the end.

Food: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5


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