Chicken's Favourite Breading

Hey Everyone,

So the night market behind Home Depot in Richmond is open now, so we decided to check it out! Normally I never go to this night market anymore, because the one by RiverRock Casino has much more variety, but since that one hasn't opened yet, might as well check this one out!

Admission to this night market is free, as opposed to $1.50 or whatever the RiverRock one is charging nowadays. The only thing is that parking is not free unless you find street parking, which we were lucky to find. 

This night market is a lot smaller with only a few rows of shops and food/drink vendors. While walking through, one particular stall caught my attention: Chicken's Breading Fav, or whatever their name may be (couldn't find them on Google).

They appear to only sell chicken strips, which are served on a bed of popcorn.

I had a 3 Piece order for $5.50 and did not choose to combo it with a drink. The chicken looked pretty good when I got it, and the taste was just as good. The meat was very tender and juicy. Their flavour in the seasoning was absolutely delicious! This chicken was so good, I contemplated going back and ordering another set, but I wanted to try out other places instead. The popcorn below it was flavourless though. I was a bit disappointed as it did not even have butter flavour; it was just plain popcorn!

Overall their chicken was amazing! It had excellent flavour and was not dry at all! The popcorn could have been better, even if it was just sea salt on it, but they did not flavour it at all! I highly recommend everyone to try it out!

They followed me on Instagram and now I know their name is called Chicken's Favourite Breading! Mystery solved!

4/5 (because of the popcorn, it lost a mark)



Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy!
- Phil
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