Revisit- Earls on Kingsway

Hey Everyone,

After an exhausting football practice with my new team, some of us decided to grab a bite and happened upon Earls at their Kingsway location.

It happened to be Happy Hour when we were there, but for drinks I still stuck with my go to drink: Mojito. 

Now this wasn't an original mojito like I usually get, but rather a Cucumber Mojito $8.50! There were 3 choices, lime, raspberry or cucumber, and I decided on this one as I felt the cucumber would compliment a mojito well and I was not disappointed. You can definitely taste the subtle cucumber flavour in the midst of this refreshingly delicious mojito made with Appleton White Rum, mint, and fresh lime! Just what I needed after practice in the rain on a Sunday afternoon! Highly recommend this one!

We then ordered food and since it was happy hour, all of us ordered at least one item off their happy hour menu.

Personally, I ordered a plate of salt and pepper Chicken Wings $6.00 with Celery and Grana Padano Parmesan Ranch Dip $1.00.

I love celery and dip, so the $1.00 add on was definitely a must for me. The wings themselves were not bad in my opinion and would only be worth it at the happy hour price of $0.50 per wing. Regular price is listed as $1 per wing for a dozen, which I don't think would be worth paying for here. This dish overall was pretty good and did well to satisfy my immediate hunger.

What I ordered next was another starter(because I sometimes like to eat two starters instead of a main course =p), the Italian Style Pan Bread with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar $4.00. 

The bread was very delicious and pretty thick, so this was a very satisfying dish for me. The extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar were very good and it was just the right ratio to mix well together, and it paired very well with the bread. I definitely loved this dish and would recommend it for other bread lovers out there!

The service was pretty good and they came around to refill our glasses of water very frequently, and was very much needed as we were all drained from the practice, with some of my teammates having soccer games in the evening! They were very friendly and served us well throughout our meal.

Overall, I already love Earls and this visit was no different than my previous satisfying experiences. The food is great and the service is excellent. I would venture to make this the next post-practice destination as well, as I'm sure my teammates wouldn't mind either!





Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!
- Phil

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