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Hi everyone!

I always have those days with Phil where we randomly decide to go out for dinner but can never decide where to go. For us, there are WAY too many options and sometimes it gets difficult to see which restaurant we want to try out next. It also gets determined by what type of cuisine we want to eat that day... but it always ends up the same list...
My list is always either: Japanese or Viet...sometimes Chinese café food!
For Phil: WESTERN.

Therefore, we always end up listing the same types of restaurants OVER and OVER again... If you guys have any suggestions on restaurants, PLS comment or send us an email!

Anyways! Back to our topic of the day, Gloucester Café.
Back when I was a lot younger, this was one of the places my fam would hit up at least once a month. But because the restaurant market is increasing massively, customers expectations of the value of the food and the quality is raising up too. I remember at a certain point, Gloucester Café food was just not worth the price. After a few years now, I suggested to Phil lets give this place a try!

When we entered in to the restaurant we were seated immediately. When we looked at the menu we were overwhelmed but also disappointed. We were hoping they have the "Choose 2 meats, with rice or spaghetti + drink and soup on the side" combination. But unfortunately they don't. They have those types of set meals for around $20-23 dollars. Which I thought was ridiculous. I might as well just hit up milestone if I were to pay that kind of price for food.

None of the other meals came with drink unless you pay extra. Which would be approx. $2.50 extra for a lemon ice tea. Therefore, we just stuck with our tea the whole night as our beverage.

Phil ordered the Portuguese Chicken Baked Rice $12.99.
I don't think any restaurant would cook this badly because the sauce is just great! Every time we order this from whichever Chinese Café restaurant, this dish will never disappoint. Full of chicken, potatoes & onions. Great flavor.

If you never tried the Portuguese Chicken before, the sauce is similar to curry sauce but minus the spice. It is a very creamy texture.

I ordered the Malaysian Fried Rice $12.99.
After the Portuguese Rice arrived, it took another 15 mins until mine arrived. Which I thought was ridiculous. Usually baked foods take longer. They either forgot about my fried rice or nobody bothered bringing my dish out for me.

The fried rice tasted average, no complaints.

Service: 2.5/5
I was pretty disappointed with the service. Every single time when we needed assistance, it took us forever until we were able to wave someone down. They were fast but so fast they never notice that the customers need their help. I think they really need to improve on service for a more efficient and friendly approach for the customers experience.

Food: 3/5

Price: $$
Majority of the main meals were over 10 dollars

Overall Rating: 2.75/5


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