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The other day me & Phil were strolling around downtown looking for a place to eat. We were initially looking for a Ramen restaurant but all the ones we wanted to try out had extremely long line ups. So we ended up in Guu Garlic located at the corner of Robson & Bidwell. We were pretty shocked that there were no line ups because all the other Japanese restaurants around that area were filled up! 

We were seated at the bar, which gave us a perfect vision of the kitchen area. When it came to ordering, Phil wanted the Katsu-Curry, but was told they ran out of the pork cutlet, therefore "Tonkatsu"& "Katsudon", were also unavailable. Phil was pretty disappointed and wished they have mentioned that before hand. We browsed through the menu for quite some time to decide on what to get, so when we finally did decide, Phil was pretty unhappy when he was unable to order what he initially wanted. By all means, he ended up ordering the Chicken Nanban ($9.80) which was the daily special. I ordered the Assorted Deep-Fried ($9.20) which came with chicken, pork and corn croquette.

Assorted Deep Fried- $9.20 (also comes with miso soup & rice)

The corn croquette was really good, the sauces used were the same sauces used in Takoyaki's. 
The chicken came with three pieces, deep fried and had a mayo side dip.
The pork had too much batter but the flavor was very good. 
Beside the pork, came with a side salad.

Overall, Very filling and satisfying for under $10.00!

Daily special: Chicken Nanban- $9.80 (came with miso soup & rice)

I tried the chicken and its very flavorful, could use less tartar sauce on top because it overpowers the chicken at times. The salad had no sauce at all and was pretty disappointing.

Overall, more expensive than the assorted deep fried, portion is very small. 
Phil said the only way you can get full from this is if you eat all your rice with the chicken. Otherwise the chicken itself is definitely not enough. 

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $

Happy eating!

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