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Hey Guys,

Went to Riverway Clubhouse for the second time now and this time we sat inside due to the weather being quite rainy outside. The first time I was here, we were able to enjoy their nice patio with a nice big umbrella at the table. 

We had Crispy Calamari $11.95 to start. These were done differently than most calamari dishes we've had, but they were delicious!

This photo of the calamari and other photos other than the pulled pork were courtesy of my good friend and colleague Ricky! Check out his blog for random posts typed in ALL CAPS!
No drinks (mojito) ordered this time! Shocking!

I ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich $14.50, which surprisingly is now off their menu online! Normally their burgers are very good, so I wanted to try their pulled pork sandwich to see how that was. The menu description of the sandwich did not mention any coleslaw, so I assumed there wouldn't be, but when the order came, there it was, coleslaw at the bottom of the sandwich! I am NOT a fan of coleslaw and definitely did not want it in the sandwich, but didn't bother mentioning it to the server as I was hoping it wouldn't be in there since they didn't mention it. They did add melted cheese to it as you can see in the pictures below.

This was a bad start for the sandwich already so the rest of the sandwich had better be amazing, but it wasn't! The pulled pork itself was not bad, but when it came to eating the sandwich, the bun just deteriorated with every bite, as the juices from the pulled pork completely soaked the bun and it just fell apart with ease. This was a big contrast from the pulled pork sandwich from Flip Top which had a perfect bun for pulled pork that did not fall apart at any point of the meal! The fries were very good here. Very crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Just be sure to eat them earlier, as they tend to harden later on and don't stay soft enough to enjoy over a long meal. 

Overall the flavour was good, but the fact that the bun fell apart so easily that forced me to have to use a fork and knife to eat the rest of the burger past the halfway point was very disappointing. I would not order this again because of this, but I definitely recommend their other burgers and would definitely come here again in the near future!

Service here is awesome as it is a clubhouse at a City of Burnaby golf course. The server was very friendly and attentive. No complaints at all here!

Miscellaneous food that my friend ordered:

Cowboy Burger with Caesar Salad $14.50

Side order of Onion Rings









Thanks for reading, and happy eating!

- Phil

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