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Hi Everyone,

So I got word of a food truck being parked downstairs of my office today from my colleague who sent photos of the truck and their menu. It was the Fliptop Filipino Fusion Food Truck! Personally I haven’t heard of this particular food truck before, as I’m slowly getting to know more food trucks, so I had to give it a try.

They had music playing from their portable player which set the mood for a fun and chill atmosphere. Their graphics on the truck looked very cool indeed and I like the design. They definitely attracted a lot of customers from our building as they were there from around 11am to 2pm.

After browsing through the menu board, I decided on the Fliptop’s Pulled Pork Sandwich $8. My colleagues ordered the same so I ordered 3, plus a Dalandan Lime Soda $3.

Upon first bite into the pulled pork sandwich, it was MMMMM OMG SO GOOD! That’s exactly my reaction when I first bit into it as it was THAT delicious! I’ve had a few pulled pork sandwiches before, but most were mediocre at best, and most of them have coleslaw in it or on the side, and I hate coleslaw, so that did not help those sandwiches. Often the pulled pork does not have enough flavour, or is too dry, or something else is wrong with it, but THIS one was amazing! It had just the right amount of flavour to balance with the bun, and it was just cooked so perfectly. It must have been their signature Fliptop BBQ sauce because it was just so delicious. The toppings that they put on it (Achara, roasted garlic aioli, and crispy leeks) compliment the sandwich exceptionally well, adding a bit to the overall flavour without overwhelming the main flavour of the pulled pork. The bun that they used, Pandesal, was a great bun to use with this sandwich. It wasn’t too thick or too dry that it took away from the pulled pork flavour, but rather it was in the background of the flavours just enough to provide that bread taste, but not so much that you’d notice it was there. The photo doesn't really show it, but there are copious amounts of pulled pork in there, even though the photo looks like it's all veggies. The only minor thing that I could say that’s a bit bad about this sandwich is that the long shoots of green onion get stringy when you take a bite and it kind of prevents you from taking a clean bite without pulling green onion out from the rest of the sandwich. Other than that minor issue, it was a fantastic sandwich.

The Dalandan Lime Soda was an interesting drink. It had a picture of a green orange on the can, and on the menu it had “lime” in brackets. When Googling up “dalandan” you get a picture of an orange, and it seems it’s some type of green orange. The drink certainly tastes orangey, but it has this other flavour that I can’t quite put my finger on that tastes quite different. My colleague was the one who wanted this drink and he thought the flavour would grow on him, but it didn’t.

Overall the experience was excellent from this food truck. Their service was good, as they even offered me a bag since I ordered 3 sandwiches, but I managed to stack the boxes and carry them up. They were really friendly when serving the customers. This is a food truck that I would definitely eat from again and again and again if I happen to see them around next time. I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich, but feel free to try their other menu items too!




Happy Eating!
- Phillip

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