Destination: Seattle at P.F. Chang's

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Phil and I drove down to Seattle downtown last weekend and we tried a few new places that we would like to share with you. Therefore this first blog back by me will be on P.F. Chang's-Chinese Bistro.

I personally didn't have too high of an expectation for this restaurant, since it is based on Chinese food and I am Chinese. For the most part, most of these Chinese fusion restaurants are never as good as my mama's cooking.

Nonetheless, this restaurant was shockingly not a disappointment. The one we went to is located in Downtown Seattle. Our hotel is located only a block or two away, therefore we just walked over. I'm not entirely sure how the parking and transit is around that area, but I doubt parking will be too expensive.

Since I am taking Interior Design in school now, I focus a lot of my attention on the interior d├ęcor nowadays. As a Chinese bistro, the vibe of the interior definitely does not scream Chinese. The interior design is completely westernize and I felt like I was sitting in a Cactus club or Joeys, which I understand, because their main target market is Caucasians. Even though it does not scream Chinese, I do enjoy the atmosphere and the small accents of Chinese decoration that are spread throughout the restaurant.

We decided to go for the dinner set for two that comes with soup, appetizer, 2 main course, and a dessert.

The soup is called Egg Drop Soup. When it arrived, it was definitely not what I expected. It was extremely flavorful and delicious! It consists of Velvety broth with julienne carrots and green onions.

We decided to go for the hand-folded crab wontons for our appetizer. The exterior was very crunchy but the filling was very bland, good thing there was the sweet and sour chilli sauce. I also thought the filling was very minimal, with too much crunch and too little crab.

For the two main courses, we decided to go for the Mongolian Beef & Crispy Honey.

For the crispy honey, it was basically small shrimp that was battered in light sweet and tangy honey sauce and surrounded with rice sticks around the plate. Overall it was good and I really enjoyed this dish.

For the Mongolian beef, at first it was good for the first few bites, but after a while it made me very thirsty and it became kind of salty. Also, when the dish came, I think they went a bit too crazy with the green onions...

Oh my... my favourite part of this meal.... DESSERT!
We ordered the salted caramel cake (PS. I LOVE SALTED CARAMEL, if you do too, then you must eat this) I really enjoyed the dessert because it was not too sweet and the little vanilla balls on top just made it so much better. Phil didn't really care much for this but I went along and ate the whole thing myself.

For drinks, I ordered a red sangria and Phil ordered a pear mojito. He said he couldn't taste the pear in the mojito though. So it was just like drinking a regular mojito for him. As for the Red Sangria, it was very fruity and I enjoyed it!

The whole meal before tax was $39.95




Overall Rating: 3/5

Hope you all enjoyed my first blog back! There's a few more coming up for Destination: Seattle, so stay posted!!


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