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On a sunny day like this, obviously the perfect place to go to is near the water! Mandalay is located in Steveston, Richmond. Beautiful area, with docks to walk your dog or ride your bike. Just an amazing place to chill on a sunny day! This restaurant is right next to Hogshack. If you guys read my blog, you should know I love Hogshack! So, I was hoping it'll be the same for this restaurant. Unfortunately, it's not.

The front entrance is not located at the front. Took us a minute to realized we had to walk along the side until we hit the back area to find the entrance.

Their front entrance consists of patio seating with comfy sofas and soft pillows. There were also blankets on the side just incase you get cold. Even though it was an extremely sunny day, their patio was mainly all shade and it would get pretty chilly if we sat there for dinner, so we sat indoors for the night.

First off, limmerZ obviously had to get his must have Mojito. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment to him. Didn't taste like usual Mojitos. He said he could barely taste any alcohol in it and it basically tastes like juice to him.

I ordered the Chicken Mushroom Tagliattelle ($17.00). Pasta with chicken, mushroom, green onions, goat cheese in a rich demi ragout sauce. Now.... I didn't read the descriptions until later on, after finding out there was goat cheese in my dish..I literally was disgusted. I'm clearly not a fan with goat cheese. So if your not into goat cheese as well, I highly recommend you NOT getting this dish. The sauce mixed with the goat cheese gave it a very strong, intense tastes that I could not bare. I was just really disappointed with this dish.

limmerZ ordered the Prime Rib. It came with side mashed potatoes and veggies. He said it was overall good and satisfying but he ate better elsewhere.

My brother, MC Dawg ordered the Beef Prime Rib Burger ($14.00). An 8 oz prime rib patty burger with yam fries. Now, I must agree this is an extremely good deal. MC Dawg thought it was extremely delicious and the patty was filled with juice and flavour. I tried the yam fries and I thought it was surprisingly really good! The dish actually came with a lot of yam fries, that my brother couldn't even finish at the end. Usually he would finish it spot clean! I would say this is a good suggestion if you decide to go try this place out! You can never go wrong with burgers and fries.




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