Bob's Submarine Sandwiches

Who loves dirt cheap food?! ME!!!

This diner is located in the plaza right across from Richmond Centre. Apparently they are well known for their greasy subs with ridiculous cheap pricing. Just to give you guys a heads up, this place is not the fanciest or the cleanest looking place ever but the food quality is definitely worth the few bucks. The food here provides me with comfort and satisfaction and it does not costs me 20 dollars for a meal just for myself. I've been to this plaza several times before but I've never noticed this place because of their unappealing entrance. You seriously cannot judge a book by it's cover...who knew in this diner hole there would be such delicious, cheap food.

limmerZ got the Super Sub-Double Steak, double cheese, mushrooms, salami and capicolla-6inch ($5.90)
He absolutely LOVES this sub and it was extremely filling. The meat was stacked up to the max and while he was eating this, I saw juice spilling out from the bottom. Extremely greasy, but extremely satisfying.

On the other hand, I ordered their special of the day...which was a major mistake. I got the chicken burger combo with french fries and small pop. ($5.95) The reason why I got this was because I love chicken burgers and I needed a drink. This was a complete disappointment...but I guess it was my fault for going for a burger, since they specialize in subs and not burgers. I highly recommend trying the subs because the second time I went I got a Chicken BBQ 6inch ($5.90) and it was extremely juicy and flavourful.

Service: N/A (You pay for your food at the front, pick it up when it's ready & you seat yourself.)

Food: 4/5 (Major pointers for the delicious subs)

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


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