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Hey Everyone,

So back around Christmas time, I had the chance to check out the new Glowbal Grill that opened up at the Telus building!

They definitely had some very cool design elements!

We sat at their outdoor covered and heated patio.

There were plenty of heat lamps around to warm the entire space. 

Despite it being warm enough with the heat lamps, almost every chair is provided with a blanket!

Here's the menu:

Starting off with drinks, I saw a unique mojito option, so I had to try it!

Aloe & Yuzu Mojito

This was one of the best mojito's I've had to date! I love aloe in drinks, and the addition of yuzu just gave it that nice citrussy flavour which paired perfectly with the mojito's refreshing theme. The taste was phenomenal and I could drink this all day! Highly recommend trying this, even for non-mojito fans! Oh yeah, and there's a caesar behind my mojito =p

Sean had a pink drink.

We started off with oysters of course! 

Their oysters were pretty good, quite comparable to the ones I've had at other places. They weren't amazing or outstanding, so overall great oysters here. 

For food, we all ordered a main, and then shared a bunch of appies, so here we go!

I had an Angus Striploin 10oz $33.

This dish was plated very nicely but it lacked any sides! It was just the steak itself and that was it. I'm not counting thing on the side because it was very strange. It looked like an onion but it had some sort of filling. The steak itself looked nice and juicy, but upon cutting into it, we were very disappointed. Several of us had steaks, and they were almost all overcooked. We all had medium rare, and they were well past medium. Quite disappointing from a restaurant like this!

As mentioned, we ordered a couple sides to share:

Truffle & Rosemary Fries $7.

These fries were pretty good. They were served with garlic aioli on the side and they had great flavour on them already! Simple but expensive side order of fries!

Turmeric Whipped Potatoes $8.

This was a strange looking dish, with garlic confit and sour cream on top. The taste was interesting, but not something I'd order myself. It was very creamy but didn't taste as flavourful as it looked.

Brussels Sprouts $9.

The brussels sprouts were very good, as they were fried up and served with parmesan, capers, lemon, and chili flakes. I found this dish very enjoyable as all the flavours meshed really well together and the fried up brussels sprouts kinda of make it feel like you're eating something healthy here!

Signature Meatballs $9.

This was 3 big meatballs served with tomato fondue. The meatballs were quite large, so it was shareable if you cut it up. At $3 per meatball, it felt pretty pricey, but the flavour was pretty good, similar to the meatballs you get from Cactus Club's Spaghettini with Kobe Style Meatballs. 

Ginger-Soy Beef Robata $9

This was served with peanut sauce on top, but as there were only two skewers, we had to share it by taking pieces off the skewers. It was kind of dry for my liking and the flavour was just ok. 

Dessert time!

Creme Brulee $12.

Their creme brulee is served with yuzu and vanila bean, lime financier, and a mini macaron on the side. I'm not a big fan of creme brulees, so what I did eat was the macaron!

Their macaron was pretty good, just about as good as the ones you get from other dessert places in downtown. Quite enjoyable!

Mango Passion Cheesecake $12

This was very interesting in both looks and taste. It was quite sour for the cheesecake because of the mango and passion fruit glaze. The mandarin sorbet on the side was also quite sour and not really to my liking. It was overall a very sour dessert dish that I would not order, but could be of liking to others.

Gelato & Sorbet $9

Very pretty looking dish! Their plating so far for all their dishes has been pretty nice, and this was no exception. Flavour wise it was not bad. The sorbet was quite refreshing and the gelato was as good as any other gelato. Not bad overall.

Chocolate Cremeux $12

I love chocolate, so I thought this dish would have been great for me, but I was wrong. The chocolate crumble and dulce o chocolate gelato was pretty good, but mixed with the passionfruit coulis, it was strange. The sourness of the passionfruit did not go well with the chocolate I feel, and it would have been much better without the passionfruit flavour. 

Zeppole al Cioccolato $11

This was the most interesting dessert we ordered! The description of it was very intriguing as it said: "italian style doughnuts, hazelnuts, vanilla creme anglaise, amareti biscuit." On the outside, they look like Timbits, but on the inside, they were chocolate filled! This was a very enjoyable dish and I would recommend this to everyone to try! 

Service at this place....was not what I expected. Our server wasn't super friendly like the ones you'd expect from a restaurant of this calibre. She did not do a good job of circulating among our table to take orders, as she missed several people when taking initial orders. She had to come back later after she realized she didn't get everyone's orders. She did not smile very much either, which is such a basic thing for servers to do, but she failed at that. She kept forgetting orders and had to come back to double check what we ordered, even though she was jotting them down on her notepad! Quite disappointed with the level of service at Glowbal, and I hope this was a one off, and not the standard across all of their staff. If I ever return, I hope to either have a different server or experience a much improved level of customer service.

Overall this restaurant was an interesting experience. Their mojito was the best mojito I've ever had, while the food ranged from mediocre to very good. The service was surprisingly bad, which was very disappointing. I'm not sure what to think of this restaurant, as it seemed to have so much promise. I feel like it deserves a second visit to really get a full judgement on it, but I'm not sure when that will be, so I'll leave it with this experience for now.





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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