Maruwa Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Hey everyone!

As you guys may all know, I am a major sushi fan, so wherever I am I'll always recommend eating sushi. A few months back I actually stumbled upon a Japanese restaurant located in the Ironwood Mall with my bro but for some reason I totally forgot to blog about it! So here it is!

When we first saw the menu, it was very limited. There were assorted combos or individual rolls, sashimi and appetizers for ordering. The lunch menu was like any other standard sushi restaurant, serving the usual types of dishes. The interior was pretty small but its clean and bright. The waitresses were prompt in serving us. 

First off, we ordered the Chicken Karaage. I thought this was one of the best chicken karaages I've tried. The exterior was crunchy and the interior was soft and juicy. It was very mouthwatering and I really enjoyed this alot. The portion was a good size to share among two people. I highly recommend this dish if you were to come here.

My bro eats a lot, so majority of the time when I go eat with him I order a lot of food. Below, I ordered a combo which came with california roll, 2 salmon sushis & 2 tuna sushis. 

Last but not least, we ordered one negitoro roll, salmon roll and 2 chopped scallops.

Sorry for not listing out the prices like usual. It was a few months back so I totally don't recall what the prices were. What I do remember was that the pricing was reasonable and was not overly expensive. Its a good place to drop by for your lunch break or even for take out. Last time I tried to go on a Sunday but they were closed, so I think Sundays are their days off. 

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5


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