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A month ago, Phil & I went to a Taiwanese Restaurant across from Richmond Center called Memory Corner. We're always looking for new Taiwanese restaurants in Richmond because we always tend to go to Bubble World when we don't know where to go. This time around, we searched up on Zomato in advance to see what other Taiwanese Restaurants are in the area. The ratings and reviews look pretty positive for Memory Corner so we decided to give it a try!

When we first stepped in, we were instantly intrigued by some of the displays shown in their restaurant. At the back of the restaurant were two Chinese looking dolls that were being displayed at the back. Their menu was also written and designed in a very traditional style. 

 A lady waitress was helping us at that time and we ordered our food with her. We were sitting at the restaurant for over 20 minutes waiting for our food and drinks and nothing came. A male waiter and another female waitress saw us sitting there for the longest time without food, they instantly came over and asked whether we were helped already. We told them the other lady waitress took our order but nothing has arrived yet. They instantly went back to check up on our order and it turns out the lady who took our order didn't even place our order in with the kitchen. For us, it's fine if you make a mistake but the waitress who made the mistake didn't even come by to apologize for her mishap. 

The male waiter came and apologized for his co-workers mistake and ensured us our order has been placed in already. After another 10 minutes, our food arrived. 

I got the Meat Sauce On Rice ($5.75). Overall it tasted good and the portion was perfect. I also got a Green Apple Green Tea ($3.75).

Phil got the Taiwanese Deep Fried Chicken with Fried Rice ($8.75) We were very happy with the portion and the food tasted great.He also got a Soda Passion Fruit Tea ($4.25).

We couldn't finish our food, so we asked for boxes to pack up our food. They gave us these super cute boxes but they weren't that functional. It was cute, but it wouldn't close. Therefore they gave us rubber bands on the side to keep the lid close.

Service: 2.5/5 (It was unfortunate that they had such a poorly trained waitress who didn't even apologize for their mistake) I gave them an extra .5 because the male waiter really took action and gave us the attention that was really needed after to ensure everything was going well for us after that mistake and he also gave us a 10% discount on our bill.

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5

I will probably go back sometime to give it a try again just because I don't want to never go back just because of that ONE waitresses mistake. 


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