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Hope you all are enjoying the nice hot weather in Vancouver. Hopefully it rains a lot at Fort McMurray soon so it can stop the fire from spreading. If you guys have not donated to Red Cross to help out the people there yet, pls do so! Here is the link: http://www.redcross.ca/?_ga=1.77344918.2093509003.1462670469, Since we are not there to help out, I hope donating would help all the people there, especially the young families with kids.

So last week, my parents and I went to the newly opened vietnamese restaurant located on Main Street called Anh & Chi. All foodies have been checking this place out and posting tons of photos of their food and interior through all types of social media. This location previously was called Pho Hoang and they revamped the space and changed their name but the people are still the same. The mom is working in the kitchen and I believe her kids took over and changed it to this new modern space but still holds authentic dishes!

They went all out with the interior. It was absolutely stunning. Their bar was beautifully designed and the patterns they used throughout the store is so unique and it definitely has its own character. Their bar area is a great area to grab a drink and just relax and chit chat. Everything was newly renovated and newly designed, there was so much thought that was put into this space, it was just amazing.

Below is the menu! They have some unique items on the menu but also kept some of the traditional Vietnamese dishes as well! Their prices are pricier compared to the traditional Vietnamese restaurants but this place gives off a whole different vibe. Its very modern and fun and it will definitely attract more of the younger generations and different ethnicities to come check out.

First off, we got the Spring Rolls ($7.00). I didn't try this since I had a bit of a cough, but according to my parents, it was average. They included alot of greens on the side, which I thought was a waste and unnecessary because nobody will really eat that anyways. I thought this was pretty pricey for spring rolls. Considering it was just 3 springs rolls cut in half and it costs $7.00..

Next came Number 37 ($13.00)- which came with grilled lemongrass chicken and pork chop with steamed rice & chili fish sauce. The flavour was good but I thought the portion was a lot smaller than alot of other places if I were to order the lemongrass chicken with rice.

We also ordered the Pho Hoang noodles ($10.00). When we got it, we didn't have enough soup so we had to request for more. But it was an easy fix. Overall, the soup flavour was good and was a very simple classic Pho.

We also ordered the Vietnamese Crepe ($14.00). Inside the crepe there was shrimp, pork and bean sprouts. To be honest it was pretty difficult to eat because once you cut it, everything inside just spills out. I thought it was lacking flavour and I don't think it was worth ordering. Not my personal favourite but it may be yours, so if you've never tried a Vietnamese Crepe before, this is your chance.

I also ordered a side of the Chicken Salad Roll ($4.00) for myself. I love salad rolls because its a great snack and I love how its a good portion and still very light. I thought for $4.00 it was decently priced and I would probably order this again. It was wrapped very tightly, so it was easy to eat. Didn't have trouble with things falling out. There was a balance of each ingredient so it was good!

We also ordered tea on the side. They serve Pandan Tea but its not free. For a teapot, it costs $2.00. I thought this was pretty ridiculous because we get free Pandan Tea from Pho 37. Nonetheless, we got the tea anyways because I was coughing quite a bit, so drinking cold water was not an option.

Service: 3/5
The service was lacking that day because apparently they were short of one person. They were not on top of their things and we had to try to get their attentions quite often. I don't think it was too big of an issue considering they just opened up not too long ago and I know they are training some people.

Food: 3/5
Overall I thought the food was pretty average. Nothing was really spectacular but I would go back just for the atmosphere. Its a great space to chill, have a drink and just chit chat and maybe order a light snack like the Salad rolls.

Price: $$
If you are hungry and like the big portions you usually get at Pho restaurants, this may not be your place. The prices are indeed higher compared to your average Pho restaurants and the portions are smaller.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Also, the direct vlog to check out the interior & food video for Anh & Chi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hShenuMUUGY

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I'll talk to you guys next time!
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