The Famous Warehouse

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A lot of people who hangs around Granville during the weekends would probably know about this restaurant that is located right next to Caprice Nightclub called The Famous Warehouse. I personally don't club so I never knew there was this place until my brother told me a while back. He told me this place serves all food for only $4.95 per dish. I was always curious how could this be! Therefore, one night I decided to check this place out with my brother & Phil.

I recommend skytraining to Downtown because it's always difficult to find street parking and it may not be the cheapest way to go. I would say this place ain't too far from skytrain so it should be no problem walking here.

When we first got there, there was a fairly short line up but after a few more minutes the line up started to build behind us and we were so happy that we beat the rush. While waiting outside in the cold, I was peaking at the menus that were posted on the side to see what to order. They do have a big variety and I was still in shocked that everything on the menu was for $4.95!

After approx. 10-15 mins wait, we were seated near the main entrance. It was a very dark interior with minimal lighting and loud music. We sat on wooden stools with old fashion wooden tables. It was interesting to check out the decor. For the most part it was filled with wood wall paneling, wood ceilings, wood furniture. The overall decorations was old skateboards screwed to the wood paneling and it was very neat seeing a jukebox. One of the bartenders were constantly choosing song after song and I can tell they were really enjoying their jobs! Both the bartenders were dancing and having fun while making drinks for the customers. The waitresses were rather different, they didn't smile much and was rather slow at service.

So we ordered Nachos- which comes with nacho chips, cheddar cheese, tomato, jalapeno, salsa & sour cream! By the time this dish arrived to our table, the nachos were cold and the cheese weren't melty at all. It was cold and clumped up to several nachos and it was a rather disappointment to receive already been cooled off nachos.

Next up, we got salt & pepper chicken wings. Barely any meat, dry, no juice. I wouldn't recommend ordering this. 

Next, we got the Hard Shell Tacos- chicken, lettuce, cheddar, fresh salsa, & sour cream. This dish was not bad for $4.95. Good enough portion of chicken and a good blend of lettuce and cheddar on the inside. 

So I just had to order a burger. Once I saw Mushroom Swiss Burger on the menu, there was no way of stopping me from ordering this. I LOVE mushroom swiss burgers so I just had to try this to see if this is worth $4.95. And BOY am I pleased with this burger. Considering the above dishes weren't that great, I think this place is a great place to get a cheap burger. For $4.95, you get a juicy, full burger and it comes with fries! If you are looking for a cheap & good place for a burger, I think you have to come try this. In this Mushroom Swiss Burger, it contains premium alberta beef, sauteed mushrooms, gravy, macho sauce, swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, & tomato on a toasted brioche bun.

 We had to get onion rings. Full of batter and once you bite into it, the batter and onion comes apart and becomes hard to manage. Overall it was dry and flavor was not my favorite.

Mac & cheese! When we first got it, I thought immediately this dish has to be SUPER DELICIOUS, considering it looks so appetizing and plated so nicely. After having my first bite, I knew I was completely fooled by the look. It was rather dry and does not have enough cheese to make this dish to even consider it as a "Mac & Cheese" dish. 

Service: 2.5/5 (Slow & took forever to ask for assistance)

Food: 2.5/5 (Can get better elsewhere)

Price: $

Overall rating: 2.5/5

I know this place has such an amazing deal, offering every dish for $4.95 but for me, a lot of these dishes aren't even worth the $4.95. The burger was a definite favorite of mine and I'll definitely go back just for the burger. But for the other dishes, I think it could be improved just a little. I know I'm being kind of harsh, considering the deal is so great but I criticize so they can improve. When it is CHEAP & GOOD, that is a place that deserves 5/5 and my appreciation. 

I do recommend this place to just try it out for yourself! Go for cheap food but don't have any expectations for the quality of the food. 


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