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Hey Everyone,

Jess and I recently dined at Hy's Steakhouse, one of Vancouver's high-end steakhouses! We had bought the $100 gift card deal from Costco which you can buy for $80, which is an awesome deal to dine at a restaurant like this. It was the first time either of us have dined here but we both heard mixed reviews about this restaurant, so we went in not knowing what to expect.

The exterior of the restaurant doesn't really look like a restaurant, as it looks like something more from the Harry Potter/medieval era. The banner with their crest/coat of arms seriously gives off the Harry Potter/Hogwarts vibe. It's attached to the side of Cathedral Place, but for the most part, it is its own building. 

There is valet parking at the restaurant, but the parking lot right beside it under Cathedral Place has very cheap parking for downtown, so I would recommend just parking there and walking up. 

The inside of the restaurant is very classy and gives off a very intimate feeling. The bar and lounge section is at the front of the restaurant, and the main dining area is at the back, passing through an arched walkway.

We were seated near the the middle of the room by the steps of the 2 elevations of the dining area. We were given menus and an iPad with the wine list, which was a pretty cool feature. I thought we were able to order via the iPad, but it was merely just a digital menu, and you still order from your server.

We decided on a glass of fruity white wine, Sage Hills Gewurztraminer $15.50 for each of us, which was very delicious!

Here's the menu:

For starters, we absolutely had to order the highly touted Cheese Toast For Two $7.95. 

After smelling it, I knew already how delicious this would be, but the first bite was absolute perfection! Who knew something as simple as cheese toast could be done so brilliantly? No wonder this was the number one item that is a must order if you ever happen to dine here!

We then each ordered the Feature Mixed Grill Dinner $49.95 which consisted of 3 different cuts: rack of lamb, new york strip, and filet mignon, along with a few prawns, veggies, and potatoes. 

I thought every bit of this dish was delicious! Each piece of meat was cooked very nicely and tasted pretty good, but of course some were better than others. The new york strip was pretty good, while the rack of lamb was very good, but the filet mignon was just super tender and flavourful, easily the best of the 3. The prawns were tasty but a bit small. I swear I heard the server call them "jumbo" prawns, but not a big deal. The potatoes had very good seasoning on them and the greens were very tasty as well, as I could taste a very good buttery flavour on them. Overall this dish was just awesome all around and I could not complain about any part of it.

We also ordered two items on the side, which turned out to be much larger than what we would expect a side order to be. 

Jess picked the Sauteed Mushrooms $10.95.

This dish of mushrooms were so delicious and with such a big portion of mushrooms, it's no wonder they charge you $10.95 for them. Overpriced? Maybe, but at this restaurant I would expect nothing less. 

I picked the Tempura Battered Onion Rings $10.95.

I had a craving for onion rings at the time, and so I ordered this, despite it costing the same as the sauteed mushrooms. I was thinking these better be the best onion rings I've ever had, and I wasn't disappointed with them when they arrived! They were very good onion rings indeed, and with the tempura batter, it binds better to the onion than a regular onion ring would. I personally prefer these thinner type of onion rings over the really thick type, so I was enjoying this very much so. Jess, who was never into onion rings before she met me, had one, and proceeded to have several more! We were here to enjoy tonight so we ordered what we wanted to eat, so I did not regret ordering onion rings at a steakhouse!

For dessert, we chose to get Cheesecake $10.95 with a mix of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. 

This cheesecake was good, but nothing amazing. Dessert isn't really what you would come here for, so dessert for the night might be better had elsewhere, but we wanted to try it out just to know how it is. 

The service here was awesome! Our server was attentive and gave great suggestions on the menu. He was very friendly and joked around with us as well. He was professional but casual as well, which suited us perfectly!

Overall, this restaurant had very delicious food for us which was complimented by excellent service as well! I would definitely recommend this place for everyone to try and you MUST order the cheese toast!





Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!
- Phil
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  1. Awww this is the first post I've read that's written by Phil! It was great! :D

    1. LOL thank you Kirsty! There's a lot more written by me on this blog now! Check em out haha!
      - Phil