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Hello everyone!

Last night I went out with several of my girlfriends from work and we reserved a table at this restaurant called Gudrun. It was suggested by one of our girlfriends who live in Richmond. She is very familiar with the Steveston location so I assumed her suggestion wouldn't be far off from greatness. Gudrun is located on Moncton Street (Aka.Storybrooke) If you've watched Once Upon A Time, you would recognize that particular street in an instance! It's the street where they filmed one of the hit TV Shows called "Once Upon A Time". I was being a complete fan girl, snapping photos and getting way too excited by looking at the buildings that were filmed and used during the TV Show. Some signage are still up, such as "Mr.Golds Pawnshop" & The clock tower known as the "library".

Now back to talking about Gudrun! This place is a complete hidden gem, it is located along this narrow path where a lot of people may just walk by and not even notice it being there. This place opens from 5:30pm-12am. I highly recommend making reservations because it gets fully packed by 7pm. We got there around 6:30pm and it was still very early so there were barely anyone sitting in there but by 7pm it became packed full of people!


The interior design was very unique! Once you walk in, you see their bar wall completely filled with wine. On the left side of the restaurant they have a full wall of their pig logo in white on a black wall. On the right side of the restaurant they have a really nice white light fixture above the long wooden table and a very precious antique piano. The interior is simple but unique and it gives a sense of comfort from the warm light and tight surrounding. I would say it's a great place to chill with friends, sip on a glass of wine and just chit chat for the rest of the night. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you are expecting for a dinner portion.

The fresh sheet menu changes every day depending on what's "fresh". So when you go there, your menu may look slightly different.

My friend ordered the Orchard Hill Red Roof Apple Cider ($7.00)
I tried a sip of this and it tasted just like apple soda. It says there is 7% alcohol but there's barely any alcohol flavor. If you are a girl who does not like drinking beer, I actually recommend ordering this because it tastes sweet and fizzy.

We ordered the trio cheese fondue ($22.00). It comes with 1.5oz of cheese, the platter comes with assorted fruits, nuts & preserves. It also comes with baguette slices. The trio, you are allowed to choose three items from the fresh sheet, so we ended up going for Brie cheese, Proscuitto Salami, and the third item I totally don't recall the name.

We also ordered another dish from the fresh sheet, the Pork Cheeks ($19.00)
The description says its a slow cooked pork cheeks with borlotti beans, root vegetables, kale, smoked bacon, poached apples & cider mustard sauce.
The pork cheek was EXTREMELY tender and it was considered the best dish of the night for us girls. I highly recommend ordering this if you ever see this on the fresh sheet of the day.

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy eating!

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