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Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

I started off my weekend going to Tap & Barrel with Phil on Friday. At first we were seated on the second floor middle section table, which was slightly TOO centre of attention for us so we decided to move ourselves up to the bar section. The first floor was already packed full of people so I was pretty glad we got seated on the second floor, so I can actually have clear conversations with Phil and still enjoy the ambience of the space and the food.

We got there a bit past 5pm so it was still pretty bright outside. Full length windows bringing LOTS of natural light in to the space and I love the interior with barrel decors and wooden bar tables. The Village buildings were built to LEED Platinum standards which was indicated in the bathroom stalls. There were signage indicating that they use rain water for toilets, therefore the toilet water may not always be clear. So if you end up using the washrooms in the area, you'll notice that all the toilet water is yellowish color, so don't freak out!

Phil ordered "Phillips-Blue Buck Ale" $7.00.
His thoughts: "Great taste, great beer! Will definitely order this again"

For me, obviously I ordered a Sangria (White Wine) $7.75.

For my meal, I ordered the F' n K Burger $15.95-Which contains poutine, 7oz 100% CAB chuck burger patty, mayo, lettuce & tomato. Huge burger and definitely had to use a fork and knife to eat this. I expected the burger to be a lot juicier considering there was poutine within the burger. Didn't really taste like an actual poutine within a burger, more like just fries within the burger. Gravy and cheese was minimal therefore it was lacking the poutine flavor. On top of the burger was a deep fried pickle. Me and Phil's first thought was, it has to be a chicken finger... but we were completely tricked! I usually don't eat pickles straight up but I love the fact that this one was deep fried and it was very very tasty! Fries tasted great on the side, but if I can order this again, i'll switch the fries to a side salad to balance the whole meal. The whole plate was too loaded with carbs and was definitely not ideal for me.
Phil ordered the Pork Belly & Soft Egg Pizza $15.95- which contains caramelized onions, smoked mozza, pork belly & soft egg. AMAZING pizza, everything just works great with each other. The soft egg was cooked perfectly, the pork belly was extremely tender & the crust was extremely soft. Phil had no complaints, I had no complaints. This dish was just perfection :)

Our friends joined us after and this is what they ordered!

Beer flights $10.50/flight

Shrimp & Salmon Ceviche ($11.95)-Serrano, lime, Spanish onion, house made tortilla chips.

Albacore Tuna Sandwich $15.45 & a side Caesar salad.

Overall an amazing place to hangout, eat and drink!

I highly recommend checking this place out and just enjoy the night out!

There is street parking all around the area, but I suggest just parking underground at either the recreational centre next to Tap & Barrel for $3.00 night rate or at the underground parking lot under the liquor store for $5.00 whole night after 6pm.

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Hope you all enjoyed reading this blog!

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