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Last weekend my friend and I decided to try out L'Opera Patisserie High Tea. I've heard mixed reviews about this place so I really didn't know what to expect here. Their location is part of the Marriot hotel and is across from Mui Garden in Richmond. They have parking in the back, so take a look there before you drive up to the parkade. My friend and I didn't know so we drove up the parkade and parked relatively far. We had to cut through the hotel in order to exit out in to the main road until we reached their little cafe.  Also, the parkade is not free... so I think we paid like 6 dollars for 2 hour parking. Their interior is extremely small. The tables were pretty close to one another and walking space is very limited. Nonetheless, the interior decor is extremely cute. To see more of the interior, watch our youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_N0SLPqIM0 !! It'll also mean the world to me if you subscribe to our channel or even give us a thumbs up :)

We were served with Cream of Asparagus Soup first. It was extremely hot and fresh. It tasted delicious! Even though the serving was very petite, the flavour was still very good overall.

Here's a close up of the stuffed mushroom!

With our high tea set, we each got a complimentary tea. I ordered the Romeo et Juliet: Green tea with hints of cherries and sweet rose petals. My friend ordered the Tosca: wild strawberries, herbs and flowers. I really liked my tea, it was very soothing and the flavours were very subtle. 

TA DA! Here's our High tea set! Looks gorgeous and I didn't even want to eat it because overall it looked too beautiful. Everything looks huge. The dessert sizes were much bigger compared to other high tea places I've been to. So this high tea set was $45.00 per person.

Top layer was the dessert section! There was creme caramel brulee, chocolate cake and we each got to choose our flavour of macaron. I got the salted caramel & my friend got the special of the day macaron. The creme brulee was very watery and we didn't like it that much. The macarons was not my favourite because it was very thick and the shell didn't have that soft crunch i was hoping for. I didn't end up eating the cake so I packed it home and my mom enjoyed it a lot!! lol 

Middle section also consisted of desserts, such as green tea cake, tiramisu and chocolate dipped strawberries. I loved both cakes. They were creamy, soft and overall flavour wise was great. I didn't end up eating the chocolate dipped strawberries so I'm not sure how that was.

All the savoury items were at the bottom and they were all very unique! My fave out of all the savoury items were for sure the stuffed mushrooms. They were juicy and tasted amazing. 

Overall, everything combined was VERY filling. By the time we were almost done the savoury items we knew we wouldn't be able to finish everything. 

Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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