Hash House a Go Go - Las Vegas - The Linq

Hey Everyone,

On day 5 of our Vegas trip, Jess and I hit up Hash House a Go Go for lunch/dinner while walking around the strip again. It was our last day and with limited time left, we had to try and cross off more from our list of must try places in Vegas.

Check it out on our day 5 vlog below!

So this is located on the second floor from within The Linq, which was previously The Quad. They are also open 24/7 so it's another option for late night eats on the strip! There are no windows in this restaurant at all, so there's no natural lighting, and it feels kind of dark and depressing in there. I did not like the ambiance at all!

I had heard that they serve up ginormous portions here, so I suggested to Jess that we order one entree only and share it. We decided to get the Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles $16.95.

You can clearly see this was a huge dish of food! This dish consisted of two sage fried chicken breasts with four hardwood smoked bacon waffles, served with hot maple reduction and fried leeks. The chicken was very good, much better than the fried chicken we have in Vancouver, and I wish we could order this by the bucket! It was so juicy and flavourful inside, and the skin was perfectly fried and full of savoury seasoning. The waffles had bacon fused into it under them, which made them a bit salty, but with enough syrup, you can override the saltiness with sweetness. I love bacon, but personally I prefer them to be separate from waffles or pancakes, as I like them to be neutral flavoured to be covered in maple syrup. When they're salty from bacon being mixed into them, then I think the flavour is too weird with the saltiness from the bacon mixing with the sweetness from the maple syrup. The waffles themselves are made very well, as they were fresh and fluffy from the start and remained fluffy until we were done. 

The portion was definitely good to share, as we had one piece of chicken and two waffles each, which was just right for us. It might not sound like much, but the chicken pieces are huge and the waffles are filling. Eating the entire dish yourself would be extremely stuffing and I would not recommend it unless you are actually able to eat all of that COMFORTABLY. 

The service here was ok, nothing noteworthy. It wasn't busy at all, so we were seated right away, and service was pretty quick too. No complaints but nothing exceptional either. 

Overall, this restaurant seemed very much like a Denny's, except with huge portions and seemingly better options than Denny's. It definitely has a diner feel to it, but with no windows and very dim lighting, the atmosphere is far from the well lit Denny's that I've been to. The food quality is pretty good, although I would take the bacon out of the waffles for a better suiting dish to me, but overall very enjoyable. The service was satisfactory with no complaints. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this place out at least once. Do remember to share entrees if you don't want to have a huge food coma afterwards!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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