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Hey Everyone,

On the evening of day 1 in Vegas, Jess and I went exploring up the strip from Planet Hollywood, and we happened upon the Paris! It was so cool to see the Eiffel Tower there as it was actually going into the casino itself! We had looked up places to eat on our phones earlier, so we were looking to try out La Creperie, and with a little help from the directory we were able to find it! 

Check it out as part of our day 1 vlog below!

Check out their menu below!

Everything being made right there!

Utensils are available to grab on the side here.

We ordered a Pink Lemonade as we were quite thirsty from all the walking.

For crepes, Jess ordered the Roasted Chicken $10.75.

This contained roasted chicken, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, basil pesto, and shaved parmesan. She thought this was pretty good, but a bit dry. It tasted like a lot of other pesto chicken dishes. Overall it was good but nothing special or noteworthy. 

I had the Monte Cristo $11.25.

This had ham, turkey, swiss cheese, strawberry sauce, powdered sugar, and micro-basil. This was surprisingly good! The sweetness of the strawberry sauce was an interesting part of this that I thought might contrast the overall flavour, but it turned out to be the best part of it! The rest of the ingredients are all salty (aside from powdered sugar) and they all work very well together already, but with the sweet strawberry sauce, it actually compliments them amazingly well, and made this dish uber delicious! It actually balances the flavour of the overall dish and made every bite extremely enjoyable to the very last bite. Compared to the sandwiches from Earl of Sandwich, this is not the most cost effective meal we've had on the strip so far, but it is definitely one of the healthier options I believe, as it is made fresh and is not deep fried or fatty. The portion was just right for me to satisfy hunger for a bit, but it wouldn't be enough for a full meal. This was so good I would definitely come back for more next time! I would say their crepes (so far) are better than La Creperie Voila because of this one crepe, but I would definitely love to try the rest of their crepes on subsequent visits to Vegas!

You order from the counter and pick it up from there as well, so there isn't much in terms of service. They have plenty of seating beside the place or behind it in an enclosed area.

Overall this place was a very enjoyable experience. They serve up some amazing crepes from the ones we tried already, and we can't wait to come back and try out more! There are so many places to eat on the strip, and this is definitely one of our top choices!




I did not give a 5/5 rating because only one of our crepes were amazing. We'll revisit this next time and see how the rest of their crepes go.
Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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