The Bubble Tea Shop - Downtown

Hey everyone!

The other day I went to the new Bubble Tea Shop in Downtown. Surprisingly, I've never been to the Richmond location so I was super excited to try out their bubble waffles! I've seen many photos on social media and a bunch of other foodies talking about it, so I wanted to know what this place is all about! This location is located on Robson, near all the Korean bars. The exact location is 1680 Robson Street. Recommend car pooling with friends if you are planning to come here OR transit (but the walk is a bit far from skytrain, unless you bus down). 

The interior is very small and petite but still have enough tables to sit a few large groups. Surprisingly when we got there around 9-10pm, it was not full. They make great use of the space but seat between seat may be a bit tight. Also, they have racks above the inner seats to make up as storage space for their cups BUT it actually fell down randomly, so just beware if you end up sitting under those cups. 

Their menu is located on the tv located on the wall. Also, there is other options of different items that are not listed on their menu on the screen. They taped it all around their cashier area! So if you don't see anything you want on the main menu, check out the other ones they have listed around their cashier desk. 

For drinks, Phil ordered the Peach Fruit Tea ($4.25). He loved this! He loves the fact that the peach was not overly sweet and was a great drink to have with the bubble waffle dessert. I ordered the Lavender Milk Tea ($4.25). Not my favorite drink. I just didn't like the mixture of lavender and milk tea. The lavender tasted pretty strong and I didn't like it that much.

Our friends ordered the Strawberries & Cream ($6.75). Very simple dessert, bubble waffle at the bottom, topped with cream and strawberries. My friend thought the bubble waffle was too soft and cooled down already because the exterior was not even crunchy anymore.

Phil and I decided to get the Blueberry Crumble ($8.95). Bubble waffle at the bottom, topped with vanilla ice crea, blueberry and granola! Loved this so much, everything went very well together and I love how they added the granola to give it a crunch. The bubble waffles were soft and eating this as a whole mix was amazing. I would definitely come back for this dessert!

I love how they have these side cubicles filled with cute little toys. I usually don't end up buying anything BUT when I saw the bay max BOBBLE HEAD, there was no way I was going to say no to this.... It was WAY too cute! They sell this bay max bobble head for $15.00 without the stand, WITH stand is $20.00 total. I didn't end up getting it with the stand because I thought it was not necessary. I placed it on the dash of my car and I LOVE IT.

Service: N/A

Food: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


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  2. Their bubble waffles look so good! Not a smart idea to be reading your blog late at night...

    1. hahha thanks for reading our blog :) That happens to me too when i'm reading other foodie blogs online at night :P