Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

Shortly after Jess and I got engaged, we did a dinner with both Jess' and my parents together at Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant. I had been to this restaurant before so I was expecting good things. 

Food first!

The decor was not bad and everything looked pretty decent at the restaurant.

We started off with soup.

This soup was very good, had great flavour, and the pork was very tender and delicious as well! Highly recommend this soup!

This Deep Fried Tofu was very good as it was nice and crispy on the outside, with a very nice salty flavour, while the inside was warm tofu, which balanced out the exterior flavour so it was just right. I definitely recommend getting this dish as it's just a very tasty thing to eat!

This bean dish with chicken was definitely one of Jess' favs as she loves this bean. This had a nice savoury flavour to it with just a hint of spice. The beans were cooked just right to have a bit of crisp to it without tasting like it was undercooked. The chicken was nice and tender, and complimented the beans very nicely. Great dish overall!

This chicken hotpot was not bad. I'm not a big fan of the mini hotpots, but this was actually pretty good. The chicken was cooked through nicely and had tons of flavour inside. Being cooked in all those white and green onions definitely helped enhance the flavours!

The crab is something I usually don't eat due to inconvenience, so I can't really comment on this but it did look very nice though!

The Sweet and Sour Pork was good as this is a basic dish that pretty much every Chinese restaurant has. The pork was tender, which pretty much made this dish an easy pick for a safe option if you're not sure what to order.

Their House Special Chicken is unique as it is chicken on top of sticky rice. You get this sauce to dip it in, but I thought it was fine without dipping. It's a pretty cool dish that you gotta try at least once, though I wouldn't say it was that good to the point that I would come back specifically for this dish.

For dessert, we had the tapioca soup. This was served warm, so it wasn't my favourite version of this dessert, but it was not bad when warm. 

Now onto the service! We had a booking so when we arrived, we were instantly seated to our table, which happened to be right next to the entrance. It was very cold at that time, so being seated next to the door was far from ideal, so we requested to be moved to an inner table, as the restaurant was quite empty at that time. One of the two guys who seemed to be running the restaurant told us he would look into it and then never followed up with us on it. When we asked the other guy, to our surprise, he told us that while he could move us, he rudely stated that we should have specified when making the booking to request for an inner table. Nonetheless, we were moved to the inside corner table.

Later on when it came to the end of our dinner, we were still chatting while packing up the leftovers and finishing the last of the dessert soup, when the servers and the two guys would constantly come over to our table to gradually clear dishes away and eventually all of our own plates and utensils. This gave us the sense that they were trying to rush us out, which was further supported when they brought the bill to us when we hadn't asked for it yet. I also noticed there was a very upset customer from the large table next to us, who was arguing with the cashier and one of the two guys at the cashier's counter. I couldn't quite hear what they were talking about, but he was very angry, and from the looks of it, his issue was not resolved as he went back to his table with the same angry look on his face. Shortly after, the other guy brought their bill to them and shook hands with the angry guy. 

When we were paying for the bill, usually the server would pass the credit card machine to the person paying, and then turn away to wait patiently while the transaction gets completed. Here, the server passed us the machine, and stayed there with their hand held out, impatiently waiting to get the machine back to complete the transaction. This not only shows that they are rushing us to complete it faster, but it was also extremely rude and unprofessional for them to do so. Normally, the logical thing to do at this time would be for the server to warm up to the person paying, ask how the meal was, what their plans are for the rest of the evening, all in the hopes of getting a larger tip. The staff here somehow don't understand that concept, and think pissing off the customer is the right way to do business. After paying the bill, we were still drinking tea and chatting a bit, when one of the two guys comes over to essentially tell us to leave! He then proceeded to tell that big table next to us the same! 

Overall the food here is actually good, and they have a unique signature dish, but when the service is this bad, it overshadows the food completely, to the point that I would never come back to this restaurant, and would warn all readers to stay away as well. 
I don't always receive such horrible service, but when I do, I tell EVERYONE about it!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on....but definitely not here!
- Phil

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